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Need to build a better vocabulary? Our 15 vocabulary wordlists will boost your vocabulary to the level of a highly educated reader.

The lists are suitable for high school students and older learners. Lists 1-10 are probably sufficient for a student taking SAT, for example. The full set of 1500 words is ideal for GRE, MAT and higher level tests.

  • Each list contains 100 words arranged in groups of 10 for ease of learning so you will not get confused by large numbers of words starting with the same letter.
  • We have selected these words for maximum usefulness: all have appeared in recent years on the SAT or GRE tests we are not wasting your time on obscure words that you will never hear again.

Word focus

Word Focus ebook
Word Focus is our systematic approach to advanced vocabulary building. Find out more about Word Focus.

For students and adult learners

You can print out the word lists for your own use. You can also pass the lists on to your friends and relatives. You can use the lists in different ways:

  • You could print out one list at a time and learn one page (20 words) per day. This way you will learn 100 words each week any still have time to review and test yourself at the weekends.
  • You could cut each printed page in half and make a stack of flash cards to carry round with you.
  • You could use the space for notes to tick off the words you are sure of, or to add clues to help you remember the difficult words.
  • The best use of the notes space is for adding synonyms and antonyms, or short sentences to illustrate usage. See how one student used the space:
image of a student's notes on a word list

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For teachers

You are free to print out copies of these lists for classroom use.

Do not obscure the majortests logo.

You are free to use the unedited lists in innovative ways but you must always acknowledge

For example, you could use the word lists as worksheets

  • Students could use the space for notes to fill in antonyms, synonyms, short phrases etc. or to identify parts of speech, or find the roots.
  • You could make your own notes on the sheets before making copies.

You can also assign sentence completion mini tests from for homework. You can also consider assigning the antonym or analogy tests from for students who have reached a suitable level.

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