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Family is the center of my life. Visiting, dining and spending time together is something that we cherishes close. When it comes in an era with so many choices, it's no surprise that there are so many TV commercials as a sources for judgments on where consumers should spend money and time. How does not remember Red Lobster’s large winter promotion of “Endless Shrimp” and “Lobsterfest”. With Red Lobster’s images on our mind, lots of fried shrimp bouncing around and lobster claws, both my husband and I wanted to go and try out what the buzz was all about. Being that it was my birthday, we had decided to double our dinner budget from $62.50 for a party of five to $125. With the budget doubled, we were looking for a nicer-than-usual restaurant. For this to happen, though, a number of ingredients had to be in place: the ambiance needs to be soft, calm, warm and family inviting, simple cooking with fresh high quality seafood ingredients, and dinner not to exceed more than $125. The décor of Red Lobster is one of the first things we noticed as we drove up. The restaurant was well lighted and the red lobster sign that hung above the main entrance of the establishment stood out against the stonewall it was propped upon. We exit from our car on the frosty January night and into the restaurant, an instant rush of warmth greets us. The heat wasn’t the only thing warm and inviting, the whole atmosphere was lively and cheerful. When we entered the restaurant, we were given a warm and friendly greeting by a hostess. Earth Colorful decorations lined the soft ivory walls. Décor was sophisticated, nautical including dark woods, a soft modern lighting, and twinkle of the fresh wax. Boats and flags, such items found in the fishing industry, are along the walls to give the feeling that all the food is “fresh”. A few things I found that were not to my liking were the bar. Our table was much too close to the bar for my liking. The bar patrons were very loud, and the televisions broadcasting various channels drowned out the background music. Another problem we encountered was how close the tables were to one another. Our conversation had to be carried at a loud tone and without knowledge, we were blending in with other neighboring diners. Second, we chose to evaluate how good the food was. Red Lobster’s cheddar buttery biscuits simply melted in my mouth and the delightful lobster tails dipped in butter served up my woman appetite. My husband could smell the steaming fresh Cod, rice and vegetables being placed in front of him. Having lived in Alaska for 15 years prior to moving in Milwaukee, Red Lobster Cod was rated at a 5/10 scale in tenderness, taste and color compared to Alaskan fresh cough, and steamed Cod which received a 9/10 scale rating on same criteria. My daughter, the oldest,