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Events Industry: An Introduction

1. Event Scotland supports a wide range of cultural and sporting events across the country and whilst the delivery mechanism for each event is different, there are broad key areas common to the management of the majority of events. The task of providing general advice and guidance to address this diverse sector was certainly a challenge. Our two co-authors have extensive professional events management and marketing experience. The content of this publication is based on their personal experiences, best practice learned ‘in the field’ and as a response to working with Regional Events Programme applicants. It does not attempt to provide sector specific advice, nor does it present itself as the last word in events management.

Name of book is event management: a practical guide introduction, name if the author is David Williams, date is was published was September 2006

2. Life Cycle Event: one event I am identifying is from a life cycle event which is a Birthday Party. The 4 components that will contribute from this event is the person whose birthday it is, birthday cake, birthday party and also you will have a birthday cake.
Cultural Event: Another event I am going to identify is a music festival. The 4 components that will contribute to a music festival is the band, the music, the security officers and the fans that will attend the festival.
Sporting Event: The 3rd event I am going to identify is going to be an athletics event. The 4 components that will contribute to this particular event are fit athletes, the athletic equipment, first aiders and athletic fans.

3. The 3 characteristics that is common to a birthday party is intangible as you can’t touch the event, ambiance and ritual as birthday parties can repeat
The 3 characteristics that is common to music festival is customers’ needs and expectations as the customers that attend the festival would like to see a good show for the money’s worth. Customer experience – good or bad, the customers would like to identify their experience either has it been a good experience or has it been a bad experience, they would like to give an impression on how they thought the event went. Intangible, you might be able touch some of the resources at a music festival but the event itself you cannot touch.
The 3 characteristics for an athletic event is Time limitation also known as perishability, this particular event starts at a certain time and finishes at a certain time and this particular event some are repeated. Customer Experience – good or bad, this particular event customers go to look at the talent of the athletes so they would expect a good experience after. Intangible, you can touch some of the resources at this event but you cannot touch the event itself.

4. The sector of the events industry I am going to choose is going to be on the history of the world cup.
First of all the world cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the history, it attracts millions of fans around the whole world. The world cup first began in 1930 when the FIFA president Jules Rimet decided to stage an international tournament. Uruguay was the first team to host the world cup, it was contested as a final tournament of only 13 teams invited by the organization. Since then, the FIFA World Cup has experienced successive expansions and format remodelling to its current 32-team final tournament preceded by a two-year qualifying process, involving almost 200 teams from all over the world.
1934: The 1934 world cup was hosted in Italy and was the first world cup to include a qualifying stage. Italy won that tournament and went on to become the first European to win the world cup.
1938: The 1938 world cup was held in Europe, I think this tournament is a key development because for the first time the host nation and the previous winners gained automatic qualification so if you win the world cup or host the world cup you don’t need to go through a