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The Lost Boy is the second book of the five book series of a young boy who was beat and emotionally abused. This book basically explains the life of Dave Pelzer and how he got away from his mother, and how he has a hard time fitting in and getting used to the new world around him as he is put into foster care. It also talks about how his foster parents were nice to him and other people around him. The book continues after his mom opens the door and tells him leave if you want and that no one cares. He does end up leaving the house and he finds a bar, getting caught by a worker named Mark for stealing a quarter. Mark calls the police on David just trying to help, and not knowing his real problem. The police bring David to the police station. David's father arrives to bring David home telling the police a made up story on why he ran. David's teachers later on also call the police and tell them about his bruises and other things they find on him, causing David to be put together with a social services worker named Ms. Gold. His mother had told him he was a bad boy and deserved everything she gave him, so when it was time for the trail he didn’t know what to if he wanted to get away from his mother or not, even though she severely beat him. Ms. Gold trys to talk to him and tell him that his mother was a bad person and she was wrong about everything. David eventually tells the truth of his mother, and becomes a permanent ward of the court, getting away from the abuse of his mother. After the trial, he is put into a foster home ran by a nice woman he calls Aunt Mary. David later meets his first suppose to be permanent foster parent Lilian and Rudy Catanze. During his stay, David's mother surprisingly gives him another visit and his brother, Stan, and thry had brought back David's bicycle which was broken. He decides to earn money in order to fix the bicycle by doing jobs around the house. After he had enough money, Lilian's son, Tony, brings David to the bicycle shop and helps David buy the right parts to fix up his bicycle. One day, he decides to ride his bicycle and go down his old road where his old home is. His family sees him riding on the road, and contacts his foster family. He is gets in trouble, but it is nothing compared to his how he was punished with his mother. Later in the book, David meets a person who he thinks is his friend. David's "friend" tricks him into staying after school with him and his friend then