The Aboriginal History in Canada Essay

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Tam Cheuk Ying
ENGL 1400
Dr. Barry Pomeroy
March 26, 2015
Thomas King's "Totem", "Borders", "A Coyote Columbus Story" and "Joe the Ppainter" to the Canadian history of European people bully to aboriginal people In Thomas King's story "Totem", "Borders", "A Ccoyote Columbus Story" and "Joe the Painter" he talks about the Canadian history of European people bully to aboriginal people. The aboriginals were the first people in Canada. But after a time, Aboriginal people were gradually reduced, because Aboriginal people were discriminated against, mistreated and were plundered resources. In "Totem", and "Borders", Aboriginal people are discriminated against when means they cannot have normal life. In "A Coyote Columbus Sstory" and "Joe the Painter", Aboriginal people mistreated, because Aboriginal people are ethnic minorities and the government consider that Aboriginal people are not important. This make European people mistreat the Aboriginal people by Aboriginal people be a slave. In "Totem" and "Borders", Aboriginal people are different than European people and the government ignore Aboriginal people. The government and European people wants to plundered resources from Aboriginal people. In "Totem" and "Borders", Aboriginal people are discriminated against when means they cannot easily live in canada and they cannot have a normal life. In "Totem", the totem pole represents aboriginal people, because it is Aboriginal people's belief and god. The totem pole makes a sound like gargling, then people feel annoyed so they want to cut it off to solve the problem: “we could get a chainsaw and cut it off close to the floor,” (King 15). The government wants to cut it off which represents that they want to cut Aboriginal people their land. This shows that the government racially discriminated against them, because they cannot have any skill to help the country development. Aboriginal people and European people are different in their lifestyle. Aboriginal people have more of a simple life then European people, so European people feel that Aboriginal people are not the same to them and European people racial discriminated against Aboriginal people. Indians most people are black people: “Niggers In America, most of us that get caught up in this matrix called the hip-hop generation are niggers! … Racist White men at games say, “Damn, that nigger is quick on his feet.” And he is also known as that dumb, dog-fighting nigger.”(Charlamagne). Black people also call Niggers, but Niggers is not a good call for black people. This is white people creat the name to call black people. This is a racial discriminated black people and it is not respect them. Black people also is humans, but they cannot have our respect is not fair. Because white people consider black people is a bad guy, but it is a wrong concept. Humans is not decide of the skin color for good or bad.White people consider black people is bad people is a prejudice and serious is racial discriminated them. Now, white people also does not approach black people and think they are rude. So we want ignore black people like Thomas King's "Totem", we want to ignore and expel them. In "Borders", a boy and his mother go to visit his sister in Salt Lake City. When they go to pass customs, the guard does not let them pass, because the mother said she is blackfoot: “ “ Citizenship?” “ Blackfoot.” He told us to sit in the car and wait, […..]”(King 137). This shows that they are racially discriminated against . The blackfoot is an Indian tribe and they are Aboriginal people that live near the Canadian border. At that time, many different Europeans lived in Canada. They mostly lived in cities, but Canadian Aboriginal people mostly lived along the Canadian border. So the Aboriginal people do not have contact to European people, and little by little this makes European people not like the Aboriginal people. The mother is insistent that she is blackfoot, so they are trapped at the border overnight in