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Describe and explain how Christianity responds to environmental problems

There are many environmental issues around the world. Those such as global warming, oil spills, deforestation and the different forms of pollution. All of these issues cause major problems in each continent.

Global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere and surface caused by the greenhouse effect which is increased through higher levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants. Global warming is slowly killing the planet as is deforestation. Deforestation is the removing of trees and transforming a forest into a clear space of land. Deforestation causes species to become endangered or causes species to die out completely. Despite these issues Christians respond positively to them through use of agape and stewardship. Stewardship is in charge of all living things and looking after God’s Earth. Christians act as anyone person would as they feel they should respect the planet just as anyone else would (or should). They feel you should protect the environment and “you made ruler over the works of your hands” is a quote that links stewardship and environment together. All the Christian denominations feel the same about the issues of the environment as the whole population is to blame for the issues created as everyone is living and influencing the effects of the issues and sometimes enhancing the effect of the issues.

Christianity has been blamed for the environmental issues because they feel as though they could be the leaders of the world. The word used to describe this is dominion. Dominion is the belief or feeling that people are I charge and that one person feels is in charge or in control or dominant of the world, which for Christians the believe that God is in charge of the world and that the world was created due to God. Christianity is not the only religion that feels as though their God or worshipper is in charge of the whole world. Religions such as Islam religion feel as though their God, Allah is the creator and this religion can be accused of harming the environment just as Christian’s can for they are human and par-take in human life just as Christians and atheist would and do. There is no specific person to blame for the environmental problems.

Christian’s response to the Gaia hypothesis is very bad. The Gaia hypothesis was created by James Lovelock and he stated that the Earth was a self-regulating giant cell that is capable of changing to adapt to small and