Red Ruby Essay

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Course: MBA 752 Case: Red Ruby

OptiMotors is out of control. To establish order and keep their competitive advantage, Bob needs to do the following: 1) Cut out the cancer before it takes over 2) Rebuild, define job duties 3) Regain leader ship and control
Cancer is deadly and ultimately ends in death. Galen is the cancer that needs to be cut out of the business. Although a charming, gifted salesman with a great track record, he is more of a liability to the future and reputation of OptiMotors. Together with his outdated, questionable sales tactics, his discrimination against women and the direct cause for putting a dark cloud over the reputation of OptiMotors, Galen needs to be fired and replaced before the company ends up in court, disgraced in the Industry or worse, destroyed. (Exhibit 1)
Long time, key employees are leaving OptiMotors, and their talents are not being utilized. However, if Bob develops a simple organizational structure, (Exhibit 2) defines job duties and brings April and Joan back on board, he can re-build and add value, definition and balance to the internal environment at OptiMotors. (Exhibit 2a)
Bob’s company got away from him and is becoming Galen’s patsy often reacting rather than acting to issues that arise within the company. Rather than trusting his instincts he is allowing the investors and salesmen to run his company. Bob is an innovator, not a leader. However, if Bob educates himself through reading, coaching and training. He will be in