Pets: Party and Surprise Party Essay

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I always thought that a surprise party is easy to organize, but things turns out to be more complicated in reality. After what I have been through from organizing the party, I realized that “everything is unpredictable”, because things always have the possibility to change even though for a second.

This was the first party that I have organized in my whole life. I am glad that my friends helped me out so that I could come up with more brilliant ideas about organizing the party. We made a plan before my aunt’s birthday and we made sure that she had fallen asleep when we did the brain storm. The party was perfectly planned and all of us were expecting a perfect birthday party after she got home from work.

We started to decorate the living room after she left the house for work on the next day. However, none of us were expecting a phone call from her. She said she was sick and she wanted to be home early. Then we began to panic, because we already finished decorating the house, and we were worried that she would see the decorations and all the effort that we put would be wasted.

While my friend fetched her from work, I tried to think a way to keep the surprise a secret. I closed the blinds and turned off the lights, so that it would be too dark for her notice the decoration. After a few minutes, she got home. She went to the washroom right away to throw up and immediately I gave her water while I try to figure out how to cover the living room so she would not see the