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Roxana Diaz University of Houston-Downtown April 30, 2013 Professor de la Pena Positive Psychology

Chapter 1 My Legacy
Roxana was a great person. She was a good daughter and sister. She deeply loved her family and friends. She was a great student and loved her academic success. Every time she achieved a good grade she would have the biggest smile in her face. She was her brothers role model and mentor which she took pride in.
She also dearly loved her fiancé, who was always there for her She wanted to marry her best friend. She was in love with her high school sweetheart. She dreamed of one day having a big wedding with all her family and friends. She also wanted to have a big family and I home to cherish and take care of.
The most important people in her life were her family. Her mom and three brothers were here biggest fans and supporters. She was like the second mom of the household (more like the dad). She took care of her brothers from a very young age which made them all very close. She was the glue that held all the family together without her the family would fall apart.
She was also kind and compassionate to others. She chose a career in which she could help neglected children. Her love to help children made her search for positions which would allow her to make her dreams come true. She even volunteered in a nursing home which made her a better person because it changed her outlook on life.
She was a fantastic friend. If there is one role that she took seriously it was her friendships. She believed that her few close friends were the only people who truly understood her. She was a trustworthy and reliable friend. She had the ability to start a party with just the company of her best friends.
Overall, she was a person who loved others and in return others loved her.
Chapter 2 My Good Day
This chapter had quite a few of positive psychology exercises. Peterson describes what a good day for him is and now so will I. My good day would consist of me waking up early and having a good breakfast. To some mundane activities such as waking up on time and having a nutritious meal might seem silly but it would make my day start a little better than usual. If I can start my day of by waking up early then the rest of my day won't be so chaotic. My typical morning starts of in a hurry and it ends in exhaustion. There is just not enough hours in the day for me sometimes to do all the things I have to do. If I am able to have breakfast and give my mom a good morning kiss then my day just might be alright. According to Peterson, time is the most valuable gift we can give to people we love (2006). If I can take a moment to tell my mom I love her every morning that would make my day. My rating for this type of day would be a 7. This kind of day would make me happy but it would not be the best of my life.
The best day of my life would allow me to sleep in as late as I wanted without any consequences. I have not been lucky enough during my college experience to enjoy a summer vacation in which I could do whatever I wanted. Unfortunately I've been stuck at school every summer. I don't regret it but it is tiresome. The days I can enjoy with my family and friends are the best days because I can relax and have fun. For example, my birthday was not too long ago and I decided that I would not let homework and work ruin my day. A couple of friends and I went to a local bar and had a few drinks and talked the night away. These nights are the nights I take pleasure in because in that one moment I can let loose and be worry free. My ratings for these days would be a 10.

Peterson mentions that being able to finish a task contributes to having a nice day which I can relate to because if I finish an assignment before the due date I am elated. To have a good day in the future I do realize that I have to put in some effort to go to bed early and wake up early. My biggest issue is that as much as I want