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Nelson Mandela is one of the best civil rights activist in the world from starting in a tribe to being arrested for overthrowing his own government (1).When he was released he did not stop. He continued his fight for black South Africa, and then eventually becoming the president of South Africa and allowing blacks to vote for the first time ever in south african history.

Nelson Mandela, was born on July 18,1918, his tribe was located in South Africa(1). He was the youngest and only son of his family. Like any normal kid, Nelson worked the fields and when he was done he played soccer, hunted, and fought with sticks. Nelson also liked listening to the stories that the elders told after the tribal meetings.

When Mandela was twelve his father died, and he was placed into the care of Nelsons uncle, who provided Nelson with a good education. Nelson's education at this time was being provided by Christian missionaries which have been there for fifteen hundred years(1).

When Mandela turned twenty he enrolled at Fort Hare College one of the few universities that accepted full-time black students(1). Nelson got into politics and current affairs and had thought of becoming a lawyer. Nelson thought he might be able to help all black africans to gain the rights they properly deserve. Nelson’s first act of getting rights was to join the student organization and join the protest on black student living conditions which resulted in Nelson being expelled. His uncle wanted him to apologize to the university and to get back to his studies.

Mandela ran away from his family due to the customs of his tribe he ran to the city of Johannesburg. This was the place where Nelson became a lawyer. This is also the time were Nelson was officially recognized as Nelson Mandela his european name.

When Nelson arrived in Johannesburg or Egoli (city of gold) you think life would be a bit easier but actually it was a lot harder. They were only allowed to work in mines and factories and they were housed in compounds armed with guards. Their living conditions were horrible. They were were not allowed to bring their families with them(1). Food and shelter was provided to a certain extent. If they quit they risked being sent to jail to sum it up there conditions were extremely poor.

Mandela eventually meet Walter Sisulu whose father was white and mom was dark. Sisulu was fired from many jobs then soon after he was arrested for fighting with a white ticket collector. Nelson received his BA in 1942. Sisulu suggested Nelson to move in with him he accepted the offer. Walter also gaved Nelson a job with a law firm as a clerk.

In 1944 Mandela got married to woman named Evelyn Ntoko Mase. This was also the same year Nelson joined the African National Congress. The African National Congress is a political party in South Africa, it was created for the fight for civil rights for blacks.

One of the main goals for The African National Congress is stopping Apartheid. Apartheid is a system of of racial segregation peculiar to the republic of South africa(2). The policy was officially brought upon by Daniel F. Malan, in the Afrikaner Nationalist party. It’s purpose was to not only separate non-whites but it also separated non-whites into their own categories. 1.5 billion Africans were forced into rural reservations. 75% of south africa forced out of there own homes. They were allowed to have a limited self-government. The lands they were moved into were not meant to hold the mass amounts of people forced into the land.

The African National Congress first action was a demonstration in which thousands intended to give their paper to the central pass office in johannesburg but before they got there the police charged and arrested seven hundred demonstrators. Over the next decade the ANC arranged meetings organized protests, and staged demonstrations(1). By the 1930s they have fallen into decline.

Mandela joined in 1944 at a time of crisis in the ANC. During this