Miami: Miami and south Beach Essay

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Miami-- The Magic City Miami is seen as the only major city in the United States conceived by a woman. Julia Tuttle was an American businesswoman, who was largely responsible for, and the original owner of, the land upon which Miami, Florida, was built. For this reason, she is called the "Mother of Miami." Tuttle supplied land for a hotel and a railroad station where, on April 22, 1896, train service of the Florida East Coast Railway came to the Miami area. Then on July 28 local residents voted to incorporate a new city. Thereafter, the city steadily grew from a small town to a metropolis. Today, Miami is the eighth largest city in the United States with five point five million people. It is the central and most populated city in the Miami metropolitan area and a leader in finance, culture, and entertainment. The city of Miami is located on the on the Atlantic coast in southeast Florida, and has a tropical monsoon climate with hot and humid summers and short, warm winters. With this kind of weather and its location on the beautiful tropical coast of Florida, Miami is a great vacation spot. Miami offers visitors a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Miami is a popular place for tourists it to visit because Miami’s beaches offer a great opportunity to get some exercise or just enjoy some time in the sun! The popular night life atmosphere down at South Beach is unparalleled by any bordering city. Miami also offers a wide variety of awesome wild life attractions. Miami has numerous beautiful beaches that offer quintessential outdoor experiences. Virginia keys Beach is one of the most interesting beaches, because there is only one way on and one way off by road. The beach is located right off the Rickenbacker causeway witch is a toll road/bridge to Key Biscayne From the coast of Miami. The location makes it very easily accessible and the beach has some very nice secluded spots if you’re willing to explore a bit. Virginia Key Beach is a great place to go with friends and family for a nice walk or swim, because of the 4 mile long beach of white sand and crystal clear water. Haulorver Beach, on the other hand, is more of a spot for couples and mainly bold singles. Located on Miami Beach and Bal Harbor, Haulorver is world famous for being Miami’s only legal nude beach. If you’re afraid or self-conscious, don’t worry. The beach offers traditional sunbathing as well. Also, the nude beach is very clearly marked to avoid accidental run into with someone tanning in their birthday suit. Ironically enough despite the distractions of nude bathers, this beach is a really great surfing spot. Another famous spot to show some skin is South Beach. This is the place to show off the product of months in the gym. South Beach isn’t clothing optional, but topless bathing is allowed. The beach is located on Ocean Drive, across the street from many of Miami Beach’s famous night clubs. If you are in the mood for dancing, and an all-night party, Miami Beach is the place to be at night! Miami is one of the best cities in the world for nightlife, and most of the hottest clubs are located in trendy South Beach. First, there is “Cameo”, a club considered above the rest, always hosting the best Djs from around the world such as DJ 360 and DJ Don Haute. Another night club is the celebrity packed club called “Mansion”, located in a renovated art deco theatre, is multi-level club features a range of dance floors, private dance rooms, and bars. It’s a favorite of models and hip-hop celebrities like Pit-bull and Flo-Rida. Live concerts by well-known artists are held occasionally. The above-average seating and sound quality make it an ideal place for live music. And if you’re into fresh air and you still want to be outside and party you will definitely enjoy this open-air club that transforms from a restaurant during the day into a hot dance club and lounge every night. Located directly on the sand and under the palm-trees at the very tip of Ocean