Hip Hop Essay

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Guadalupe Valenzuela


It is said that Hip-Hop started out in the Bronx. It is a movement that consists of two-turntables and a microphone. It was a new way of expressing yourself weather it would be through poetry, fashion, dancing. It’s a culture that would set many trends for years to and an influential culture that has had many teens fascinated with there fashion, Lyric’s, djing, dancing, and political awareness. Hip-Hop culture is a lifestyle that’s full of complex rhyme style and vivid street imagery that has influenced the world throughout the years. Hip-Hop’s fashion has always been different but exclusive at the same time. The fashion in Hip-Hop’s is always on a constant change due the artist always wanting to be the first to come out with a new trend. Weather it be the A.D.I.D.A.S. with the fat laces, Kango hats, jumpsuits and the big gold chains, the youth in America have always been the most easily influenced group of people. They tend to go with what’s popular by watching there favorite artists in music video’s wearing the latest clothes, chains and driving nice cars. The cultures popularity makes teens wanting to buy everything that they see. They faithfully follow the Hip-Hop culture because they can easily relate to the movement. Hip-Hop music is another element that has an impact on many. The youth has always been fascinated by the lyrics that a MC uses. The MC is a master of ceremonies that paints pictures with his lyrics. The MC uses his lyrics as an outlet to escape from everything that goes wrong in there life. That’s why the music is popular with teens because they like the fact that they could use their pain and turn it into poetry. That influence that the poetry provides is a gate way for many of them to escape the world that they live in. Dancing as also been known as an outlet that many use to express themselves. Battling was a way of dancing against someone you did not like and instead of fighting you would settle it on the dance floor. That’s what makes Hip-Hop so beautiful as a culture because the expression of emotion that it offers through its elements. The culture has come a long way from its early days. Hip-Hop was an underground art form that began in block parties to the parks and the corners. It didn’t get its exposure until The Sugar Hill Gang step into the scene with the first Hip-Hop video Rappers Delight. That was what made it become so popular because it was a new sound and at the same time is was hip. Since then Hip-Hop has invade everything from television, movies, language, and style of dress that has kept evolving through out the years. Many thought that it would just be a faze that it would quickly die out. But until this day Hip-Hop has been one of the most influential cultures that just keeps evolving with time. There is more to the culture then just partying and dressing up. One of the many reasons it is powerful movement is because the voice it has to inspirer and uplift the community by