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Plaintiff: Shaisa Bell
Claim: Says the defendant reneged on his promise to pay for her prom and birthday plus requesting a DNA test.
Defendant: Lawrence Burke
Claim: Says he’s given the plaintiff gifts and cash; countersuing for pain and suffering Plaintiff states that her mother was incarcerated and she was born in jail she was then given to the plaintiff’s mother’s aunt who was present at the case as a witness. The mother died in jail the plaintiff was given to her grandmother for custody. The defendant states that he is her biological father and he met the plaintiff’s mother several years ago they had relations then broke up. Few months later after they split up he says that he sees the plaintiff’s mother and she was pregnant and she told him that there is a possibility that her unborn baby could be his even though she had another mad at the time. When the plaintiff was born the defendant said that she looked exactly like his first born daughter who was also present at that case as well also as a witness. The plaintiff’s family moved to Florida and the defendant didn’t have contact with them on till the plaintiff was seventeen. The way that defendant found the plaintiff was that he had is oldest daughter friend her on MySpace and from there the exchanged numbers began talking for hours and then defendant flew down to Florida to surprise her to for her eighteenth birthday. While in Florida the defendant made promises to pay for the plaintiff’s prom and birthday party they had made flyers to promote the events. Before the time where the defendant had to perform his promises he had flew the plaintiff and one of the plaintiff’s friends up to New York round trip and another time just for the plaintiff. While she was in New York the defendant had provided all of the plaintiffs needs food, board, shopping, etc. Soon after the defendant was lay off from his job as a truck driver and broke both of his feet so he was disability. The plaintiff’s grandmother then told the defendant that he could say with her so that he could heal and reconnect with his daughter. The defendant stayed with that plaintiff’s family for about three months and that is when told the family that he was going to fly to New York to visit some of his family for a little while but he never came back or gave any money to fulfill his promise. So the defendant says that he at that time had no income coming in so he took whatever last little bit of money and was trying to survive on that until he got better and was able to get a new job. The verdict turned out to be that both claims were denied because of the lack of payment documents, plus the plaintiff not buying anything so she was not being reimbursed for anything, or any proof of promise. In chapter 12 Consideration Contracts of the Business Law textbook it refers to Shaisa Bell as the Promisee and Lawrence Burke as the Promisor.
178th District Court-Dung Quoc Nguyen charged with Murder Date/Time: March 24, 2011/ 1:30pm to 3:00pm
Prosecuted by: Lauren Byrne & Kim Miller
Defended by: John Pettruzzi
Allegations: The defendant and an acquaintance (complainant) were in a karaoke bar when the defendant asked the complaint for money. When the complaint refused, the defendant told him to go outside with him. At the doorway, the defendant stabbed the complainant, killing him. He raised the knife and shouted, “I got you blood,” before leaving the bar. The defendant was identified as a frequent customer to the bar.
When I walked into the court room the defender was questioning his client Dung Quoc Nguyen about the accounts of that night and he explained that he had walked into the bar and he sat down with his friend Phi and his friends at a big table. They began to drink heavily and Dung asked Phi about the money that he had owed him and Phi replied that he didn’t have it. Later on he asked to borrow twenty dollars Phi said that he didn’t have any money to give him. At that point the