What Is a Human Being Essay

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Jennifer Watson
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April 26, 2013
Essay 2: Definition
What is a Human Being?
First, I would like to welcome you to our planet. Human beings are complex and difficult to explain because each human being is different. The keys to understanding a human being lie first in understanding our structure, then understanding our environment, and last in understanding our interactions with each other. Once you understand these three things you will have a basic understanding of human beings.
To understand human beings, you must first understand our structure. This structure functions as a machine and is called a body. The parts of the body are constructed to work together. The body has an outer layer called skin and inside the skin is a skeleton which is made of bones that provide a frame for the body. The body has a long mid part, four or five outgrowths, and a head.
The long mid part of the body is called a torso. It houses most of the major organs which provide the body with the things that the body needs to function. Three major organs housed in the torso are the heart, lungs, and stomach. All of these organs work to provide energy to the body. The heart and the lungs provide a system by which the body receives oxygen. The lungs pump in oxygen from our environment and then supply that to the heart. The heart is a pump that provides blood to the entire body. Blood is a liquid that houses oxygen. Oxygen is one source of our internal energy. The stomach is where the digestion of food occurs in our bodies. Food is any substance that can be eaten or drank to provide nutrition to the body in order to provide energy. Without food or oxygen, the human body would no longer exist because they would lack energy.
Human beings have outgrowths from the torso of the body. The outgrowths of the body are called limbs and each human being has four of these and half the population also has a fifth outgrowth called a penis. The limbs are divided by top and bottom. The top limbs are called arms. These arms allow us to perform many basic functions such as carrying items, holding items, and providing a vehicle for supplying the body with food. The bottom limbs are called legs. The function of the legs is to allow for movement around in our environment. The fifth outgrowth is called a penis and is used for reproduction. Reproduction is the way in which human beings produce other human beings. For reproduction to occur, it requires two human beings. The first human being is a man who has this fifth outgrowth called a penis. The second human being is a woman who has an opening called a vagina in which this outgrowth fits. In order to produce another human being, the man and the woman must have sex/mate with each other. In this mating process, the man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina, ejaculates sperm which travels up the vagina in order to reach an egg, the sperm then fertilizes the egg, the egg and the sperm together create a zygote, the zygote then begins to grow inside the woman’s body for a gestation period of nine months, once this period is over the woman expels the now grown zygote and this creature is now referred to as a baby. The baby will then consume oxygen and food and after many years become an adult human being
The head is a very complex part of the body. The head houses the brain, the eyes, the nose, the ears, and the mouth. The brain is the part of the body that controls decision making in the body. These decisions are often informed by many things, but the main things that inform the body’s decisions are our senses. Those senses are called sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Four of the structures that collect this information are in the head. The eyes provide the sense of sight. Sight is the ability to view images. The nose provides the sense of smell. Smell allows us to detect items that can be consumed. The mouth