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The aim of this assignment is to look into how human resources are used to help the internal and external aspects of future planning of the organisation. Human resources are a vital part of any business because it manages the company’s workforce by insuring that workers and being motivated and kept at a level of productivity that a business sees as expectable. Similarly in this unit I will also be looking into the reward scheme that different business use to reward workers. Human resource management in this unit will also let me look into the different aspects that businesses use when trying to get a worker in tuned to the company’s current and future goal and developments e.g. Workers being co-operative by suggesting ways that the corporation can improve on. As a final point in this unit I will be exploring the significance of dealing with workers performance at work and the different ways this can be measured and mangled.
In this unit will be working as a Human resource manager (HRM) for Highgate Wood school guiding them with their HRM.
The business that I will be using in this unit is Highgate Wood School. Highgate Wood School is a secondary school located in Crouch End in the North London borough of Haringey. It accommodates pupils aged 11–16, providing secondary education to 1368 pupils. The school also has a sixth form (ages 16–18). It has partnerships with Sport England, the Haymarket Theatre and the British Council through the International Schools Award scheme. The school has a uniform.
Internal panning factors is the strengths and weaknesses that a business such as Highgate Wood School experiences. The effect of internal factors cans greatly be influential on how well a company meets its objective, and they might be seen as strengths if they have a favourable impact on a business, but as weaknesses if they have a deleterious effect on the business.
To begin with, internal factors that I will be discussing in that task will be organisational needs, skills requirement and workforce profiles influence.
Organisational needs are the constant change of a company’s goals and targets. This would mean that the human resource would need to plan to introduce a new workforce into the company to fill the gap in the current workforce. Other organisational needs that can be underlined are the example of a business having an increase in demand in a service or product that they may sell. This would mean that a business like Highgate Wood School would need to review if that need to make adjustment in their workforce by either contracting the current workforce or expanding it to deal with the current demand.
In terms of Highgate Wood School organisational needs, the school has to insure that if classes or subjects are introduced by higher ranking staff (head of English, maths, science, and history) due to a higher request/demand in that particular subject that there is sufficient staff that are qualified to lead that lesson which has been introduced. If there are no teachers that can teach the new subject e.g. a language based subject such as Chinese. Then I strongly recommend that Highgate Wood would finds a person that specifies in that subject resulting in expanding the number of workers that HWS are currently employing. I recommend that HWS uses this method of internal planning in regards of expanding their current workforce to meet demands in subjects.

Secondly internal planning for Highgate Wood School can deal with factors such as technological changes that can also affect the internal working arrangement of a business such as Highgate Wood School. If new technology proves effective in contracting workers than it’s a high possibility that businesses such as Highgate Wood School would cut workers and replace them for new services. By doing so HWS can save money on paying workers to do that specific job that the new service can do for basically nothing and use such money on a different aspect of the business