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Homer’s The Odyssey: A Moments That Molds You
Journal Entry #2 Part One:
Throughout all of our lives we all have moments that defines who we are and what type of person we are. Whether it be an insignificant situation or a large situation our lives are all provoked on what has and will happen to us. When placed in a stressful decision making situation we all act on instinct. In a spilt second you can decide on what you need to do and that decision could change your life. With that being said, various decisions can be thought out and processed before coming to a conclusion, to which you are lucky. In Homer’s, The Odyssey, son of Odysseus, Telemachus had to fulfill the role as protector to his mother, Penelope. He also needed to defend his mother and better yet defend his father’s name and his father’s honor. Also what was at stake was Ithaca, Telemachus’ life and the kingdom his father had built. The duties and obligations that we all have as our own person is to defend what is rightfully ours and protect the ones that we love. When I was twenty years old I had to do just as Telemachus, I had to protect and defend someone I love.
The day was July 16, 2011. As many young adults do, I was at a party with my friends celebrating life. There was no motive for celebration, no birthday, no graduation of some sort just my friends and I having a good time. On this particular evening I had volunteer to be the designated driver. A friend of mine who I choose to not name but for the sake of the story his name could be Tim. Tim happened to be a man that I have known since I was ten years old and am very close with him as if he were my brother. Tim showed up to the party in his own truck for he was coming from his cousin’s wedding. To which I told him I did not mind driving him home because he was known to be the “town drunk”. He agreed because he had plans of drinking more and he revealed to me that he was already intoxicated from the wedding. Without any argument he handed me his keys. The party went on, my friends and I laughing and reminiscing on high school days and our dumb decisions of our past. A few hours had past and I noticed Tim’s keys were not where I had placed them. In fear of someone taking his truck I went to look outside to see if his truck was still in the driveway. Much to my surprise his truck was still there, so perplexed I went inside to look for his keys. After looking in the same location I had placed them I saw they had fallen under the table. Relieved, I joined my friends on the back patio.
When stepping outside my friend Allison greeted me and said in a drunken slur, “How can you be here when I just saw your car driving down the street?” Immediately my heart sank, for I had knew Tim took my car. He has a habit of doing this because in his words he “loves my mustang Sally”. In a panic, I frantically searched for my phone to call Tim to make sure that he was okay, it went straight to voicemail. I then asked Allison how long ago she had seen my car driving down the street. She replied that it had only been no more than 10 minutes, if she could remember correctly. I immediately grabbed Tim’s truck keys and climb into this monster of a truck. Knowing Tim as well as I did I knew he was just going to go for a joy ride. His love for being behind the wheel is something that he and I have in common. I knew his favorite roads to travel as well as the roads to really see what Sally can do. I went down Kuykendahl and Woodlands Parkway, however I did not see my white mustang. It was not until I had turn onto an unfamiliar road that I saw my mustang, upside down, in a ditch.
There I was on a road where I had no idea where I was, in the early hours of the morning completely shocked unable to process what I just came upon. For a split second, a memory of my father. It was him and I on one of our evening walks that him and I took as Father-Daughter bonding time. He was telling me that there would come a time in my