Royal Russell Food Technology Year 8 Lessons Essay

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Assessment for Learning

Year 8 Food Technology

“Catering for Others”

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Tutor:____________________ Food Teacher:__________________

PROGRESS: What I now know that I didn’t know before &/or what I can do now that I hadn’t done or couldn’t do before

There are a lot of terms to define in this unit. Write the terms in the right column and their definitions!

Assessment for Learning

Lesson: An Introduction to recipe engineering:
By the end of today’s lesson you will have:
Learned about:

Success Criteria


How to engineer a recipe to meet the needs of a consumer or design brief.
How using the EWP and food groups helps develop ideas for engineering.
Finding alternatives to different ingredients

Challenged yourself by: to encourage development

Focussed on literacy: Engineer, needs, consumer, design, alternatives
Focussed on numeracy: Number of serves / quantities that make a serving.
Today’s Lesson Work
Tonight’s Independent Work
You will be revisiting the Eatwell plate from Year 7. From that you will be investigating the different food groups. You should already know the nutritional profile of each food group. Based on this knowledge, you will work through find various examples of food products that could be changed to make a product more suitable, more interesting or more profitable.

Complete the design task.
Add today’s literacy words to your word bank & define.
Prepare your shopping list and ingredients and container for next week. Remind yourself of the Eatwell plate: Label and fill in the chart with as many examples as you can think of:
Nutritional contribution
Food Group
Examples of food: to the diet

Fill in the following mind-map:

Why recipes may need to be engineered

PROGRESS: What I now know that I didn’t know before &/or what I can do now that I hadn’t done or couldn’t do before

Complete the following tasks based on the food products below:
Food Product
Ingredients / Main components

Alternatives to those components

The Task
In the next lesson, you will be making the dish ‘Porcupines’ which is a meatball based dish served with rice and a tomato based sauce. You have the following design specification to meet next week which you must design and plan for this week and as part of your independent work.
Your new product must:
 Still be a meatball dish, in a sauce and accompanied by a carbohydrate. Follow the recipe as directed with some changes such as:
 Be served on an appropriate alternative to rice as the main carbohydrate.
 Contain at least 1 of your 5-A-Day in addition to the vegetables already in the recipe.
 Have a flavour change with the addition or use of alternative flavours, spices and herbs.
 Must be suitable to be served as a main meal.
Draw and annotate what your dish will look like and the expected aesthetic qualities.
Write out the new, engineered, reformulated recipe so that you can then draw up your shopping list and action plan ready for next week’s practical class. Must include quantities and processes.
Write out the safety and hygiene concerns and how to limit them.
Identify and write out the special considerations to ensure quality assurance is at its highest.

Assessment for Learning

Lesson: Feast on Porcupines - Practical
By the end of today’s lesson you will have:
Success Criteria
The versatility of using minced meats
in cookery.
Dove-tailing and in the importance of
Learned about: multi-tasking in timing.
Making an attractive, EWP balanced
Challenged yourself by: main meal with proof of dove-tailing.
Focussed on literacy: Dove-tailing, simmering, boiling, doneness, portion,
Focussed on numeracy: Equal size of meatballs, accuracy in portion control
Today’s Lesson Work
Tonight’s Independent Work
You will be cooking your engineered version of the porcupines dish. You will then work through the evaluation of the product to see if you have met the set specifications.