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Nelson Mandela – Chapter 4 & 5 (Reader Responses)
In chapter four to five of “Nelson Mandela”, it clearly shows what it takes to overthrow the government from mistreating the Blacks and Non-whites. What Nelson Mandela have done over the years is something that overwhelms one’s understanding, but for Mandela, he knew exactly what his visions were and what he was going to face in order to bring change to South Africa. Nelson Mandela always had a peaceful mindset, however after the non-violent movement set forward by African National Congress were only reacted with violence by the government and police, they had no choice but to sabotage. This clearly indicates that violence fuels nothing but violence. But Mandela was always against violence. He used reasoning as the way to fight against the unjust and lack of human dignity. What really fascinated me was Mandela’s will and dedication. He experienced loss of his family members and his close friends, and also he was imprisoned more than five times. Usually, after failing numerous times, a normal human being would come to realization that the effort is futile and give up. However, for Mandela, all the hardships he experienced made him stronger and fueled him to move even further to achieve his dream. His life story is truly an inspiration and helps people to realize nothing can stop a man when they have a concrete goal and clear vision. One of the characteristics that help the reader to better understand the characters is the way in which the comic book is composed of mostly conversation. By going through conversations between characters, it is easy to detect the emotion of the characters. Also the pictures show the characters facial