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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines freedom as the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action. In America however this definition is simply interpreted as a citizen’s right to express his beliefs throughout various forms included but not limited to press, speech, and the art. This nation was founded under the principle that government should not posses more power that the people is serving. Acknowledging that each and citizens is entitled to these rights. The most difficult question is up to what extend can government limit those liberties to protect the wellbeing of society?
Historically the United States government has played a conservative economical role grating citizens the opportunity successfully to develop global corporations. Entertainment as it case in most develop nations is a major industry in the U.S. that effortlessly reaches large sectors of the population their actions whether beneficial of harmful are followed by millions. Unfortunately in the U.S. hip-pop is an active contributor to the social problems especially within the African American community. The questions of weather the lyrics and the image of the artist in this music gender are harmful to society is a question already answer. However accurately calculating the damage is a difficult question; since the social issues at stake cannot be fully attributed to hip hop since is not the factor solely negatively manipulating the youth. Nonetheless it will be foolish to believe that this music is not harmful; if top artist do not allow their own children to listen to this music.
Considering that the music has proven to be harmful and the fact that it targets one racial group specifically; are reason should cause parents adults and the entire communities to reject it. However since this is hardly the case can it be possible sensor this music by seeking political action? The short answer may be no even do profanity is often sensor on open TV networks; and radial stations the truth is that such a limited censorship is practically not existent. The music industry is among one of the most powerful private business; therefore lobbing government to deliver a historical piece of legislation is unlikely.
Additionally it safe to presume that the controversy surrounding such a historical legislation could plunge the approval rating of any elected official. Guaranteeing that no official will ever consider such a proposal as legit. In politics officials are often torn among so many interests they have to defend; so the principle ruling many politicians carrier is simply to defend their own interest. And by doing so they side with the most generous donors those that assure to maintain them in Washington as long they represent their ‘especial interest’. For instance look at the National Riffle Association. They posses some of the most