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MUSC 171
November 4th
Week 9
• Acid Rock - 1967 Beatles are taking over –Listened to, “A day in the life” Album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club – ending repetition there led to electronic, metal. They broke the rules o There’s an orchestra o Mixed meter feels and lots of stuff out of time. o There are 2 different distinct moods. 3 different voices o 2 loud explosive parts – organismic or impending doom parts

• NAACP (National Association for the advancement of coloured people) –Growth through the 20’s
• Rosa Parks – Dec 1st, 1955. Montgomery Alabama, wouldn’t give up her spot.
• Freedom Rights, 1961 – Integrated busses ride into the southern segregated states o Very difficult to distinguish between Koreans, Chinese, Japanese etc.
• Stonewall riots – 1969, leads to first gay pride march on 1970. o Well know gay bar, police come in and raid the place, riots erupt, against homophobia
• 1967 – “The Summer of Love” o Hippies, flower power, go to San Francisco, Haight Ashbury but only benefited straight while males. o Sexual liberation did not liberate for all, mostly just for straight white males
• Assassinations and war o Viet Nam – they started to treat everyone as a solider because the opponents did not wear uniforms o Medgar Evers, June 12, 1963 – black o John Kennedy – Nov 22, 1963 o Robert Kennedy – June 6, 1968 o Martin Luther King – Apr 4, 1968
 American guard came to campuses with rifles
• Woodstock + Altamont o Mariposa Folk Festival, Orillia On o The Woodstock Music and Art Fair, August 15th-18th, 1969. – Major festival, 0.5 mil people in NY. Lots of music and drugs. Jimmy Hendrix performance of the star spangled banner.
 Word painting – composers use this to evoke emotion in the music
 Can hear bombs bursting in the air. He is not celebrating the states, he’s lamenting death all around us. Black people are in the army because they are not in schools.
 He played taps (played at soldiers funerals) o Altamont, December 6, 1969, a rolling stone
 Rolling stones show, they declined to play at Woodstock
 Hired hells angels to be security and paid them with beer
 Middle of the show, a young black man gets killed in front of the band but they keep playing
 These festivals of the decade were supposed to celebrate togetherness but they ended the century
 Security sucked. Weird way to end the decade, many highs and lows

• Heavy Metal o Pre staged by Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin. Not a call to action, not an escaped but rather a wallow. o Black Sabbath: Paranoid (4 Feel) – Metal elements (ozzie Osborne ex)
 Soaringly high-pitched lead vocals
 Big bottom end (low frequencies on rhythm guitars, bass and drums)
 Searing lead guitars lines – (Face melting guitar solos)
 Distortion – meant to be confusing, want to feel like the singer is feeling
 Guitar riffs (repeated melodic motifs) -
 No keyboards (early on).
 Often associated with white music but now becoming a global phenomenon.
 Heart and Rush (2 Canadian artists)
• CanCon (MAPL) – early 70’s stan klees; does a study and learns that when he listens to Canadian radio stations, there is 10% Canadian. Parliament is baffled ( how to have a culture when most is imported)
• Ensure that broadcasters played 25% Canadian content
• If you meet 2 criteria, then it counts as cancom
• Black music rb, soul. After martin luther king’s assassination, it becomes more of a party as opposed to a movement. Did not pursue political activism in the 70’s o M – Music (composed entirely by a Canadian) o A – Artist (music, lyrics are performed principally by a Canadian o P – (Production) – musical selection consists of a live performance that is
 Recorded wholly in Canada or
 Performed wholly in Canada or broadcasted live in Canada o L – (Lyrics) – written entirely by a Canadian
• A lot of radio stations did this thing called Beaver hour and put all their canadian stuff for a straight hour at like 2 in the morning.