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Homeschool vs. Public Education
Marquis Stamps
Nora Baber

Topic Sentence
What is my thesis statement about? My thesis statement is on Homeschool vs. Public Education. Homeschool and Public Education have some similarities, but public education have differences that makes homeschool better without bullying, less pressure and no distraction.

Introduction Since then, despite the concerns expressed by politicians, parents, and community leaders, our nation's public schools have not improved much. In fact, according to a federally-funded report recently released, class work in English, math, science, history, geography, foreign languages, civics and fine arts has shrunk to only 50% of the typical American high school day. Incredibly, U.S. high schoolers only spend an average of about three hours every day on core academic subjects -- half as much as the time spent by German, French and Japanese students. The typical U.S. public school curriculum has been "dumbed down," at the same time schools have taken over the responsibility for teaching everything from health to consumer affairs.

I. Bullying A. Homeschool 1. Less fights 2. Less threats of death B. Public Education 1. People get picked on 2. More fights and more argue
II. Peer Pressure A. Homeschool 1. They relate regularly with adults and follow their examples rather than the examples of foolish peers. 2. Homeschoolers generally overcome the potential for “isolation” B. Public Education 1. More easily influenced by peer pressure. 2. Children are exposed to an incredible amount of negative peer pressure
III. Develop A. Homeschool 1. One develops oneself (personality, beliefs, likes and dislikes, etc.) without too much outside influence. 2. One teacher helps one student with more instructions and more listening B. Public Education 1. One teacher provide help to more than one student with giving instructions 2. Generally not as academically advanced because of one teacher provided for many students.

Homeschool vs Public Education
There have been a lot of questions raised whether homeschooling or public schooling is more beneficial for our future generations. There are three popular ways to gain an education, public school, private school and home school. In the past decade homeschooling has grown in America much more than we could estimate, 1.5 million students are now learning at home, that’s a 75% increase from 1999, Parents have become more unsatisfied by the public schooling systems and its effects on their children concerned that their children could be exposed to violence, bullying or even drugs. Peer Pressure for homeschooling is that they relate regularly with adults and follow their examples rather than the examples of foolish peers and homeschoolers generally overcome the potential for “isolation.” Public Education is more easily influenced by peer pressure and also children are exposed to an incredible amount of negative peer pressure. But the question is, is homeschooling really better than public schooling? Could homeschooling advantages out ways it’s the possibility of affecting children’s social abilities? Could our future generations cease to use the public schooling systems and still succeed in their professional life? What is Homeschooling and how fast is it growing? Homeschooling is defined simply as the "education of school-aged children at home rather than at a school. Homeschools, according to those who have observed or created them, are as diverse as the individuals who choose that educational method. Each year, at least 100,000 students graduate from homeschooling in the United States. The United States government and homeschool advocates agree that homeschooling has been growing at around 7% per annum for the past decade, it is not surprising that homeschooling is gaining increased attention.