Love: Native Americans in the United States and Social Customs Essay

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The topic asks who your favorite artist under genres is. This topic was a good choice because we chose some of the artists to put under the categories that are the most popular among teens right now. We put each artist name under the categories of hip-hop (rap), rnb, and country.

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For the project we were supposed to get 200 signatures so we agreed that it was best if we collected the data at random, so we would be done with our surveys much faster. We went up to people in the hallways and in the classrooms. We explained that this was a project for math, and asked them to initial as proof for the teacher.

Jessica Landaverde What is culture? Culture can be defined as the religion, customs, and beliefs of a

society or a civilization. It can simply mean a way of life. Due to their cultural differences the Native
Americans and Europeans often had internal clashes that were inevitable. These two cultures were different in every possible way. They did not share languages, religion, or social customs with the Europeans who invaded their lands during the Age of Exploration.
Language was a barrier between the two cultures. The first original English settlers were from England so they spoke English, they held one common language. The Native Americans in contrast spoke more than 3000 languages, with Cherokee and Navajo being the most widely spoken until this day. One major difference was religion. The Europeans were Christians and were thought to believe that all of those who weren’t were heathens. This in turn they believed that this gave them the right to take the lands