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Leadership Styles
Part A- My Scenarios
a) You find yourself in a group in a class that has to write and put together a dramatic presentation that will be filmed on video. There are people of all types of abilities in the group and most seem pretty keen on doing the project.

A Laissez-Faire methodology is the best for this situation, in light of the fact that the gathering is persuaded thus the individuals will finish their obliged errands without being advised to, and on the grounds that the gathering is gifted and can accomplish the undertakings working alone, since they have diverse capacities.

b) You are a camp counselor assigned with a group of rookie campers. You will be competing against other cabins in a scavenger hunt held in half an hour. The other cabins have older and more experienced kids, but your group would like to show them up.

A Democratic methodology is the most suitable for this situation. The campers all have the same objective to show up the more established children, so it bodes well to get them to cooperate and fill in as a group. Likewise, since the gathering is less experienced, arranging is expected to succeed, and a Democracy is best for arranging and completing exercises.

c) Your boss is away in the hospital, but everyone has done the job before. Everyone really likes their job and the group is close - in fact, the employees often socialize after work as a group. A major crisis occurs that involves everyone, but you can't call the boss.

This would be a Democratic situation. It would involve the group members coming together and planning out what to do. This would also be effective because they socialize with each other so they know each other. They are also motivated as it says they really like their job.

d) You find yourself in a group doing an assignment that nobody wants to do, including yourself. Unfortunately, this assignment will decide whether you and only a few others pass the course.

For this situation, an Autocratic methodology bodes well, since no one is propelled to do the task, so the best way to accomplish work is by advising others what to do. Additionally, since this task must be finished to pass the class, time and choices are restricted, and an Autocracy guarantees that the undertaking is finished as fast as would be prudent.

e) A committee is planning the annual Christmas party for employees and their families. Last year was one of the better parties and all of the people who are working this year had a job on last year's committee.

This would be Laissez-Faire situation. This would be effective because these members already threw a better party last year. They already have experience and knowledge on what to do. Very little opinions and talking is required due to the amount of knowledge. Also it would be a quick job. Everyone could do their parts themselves.

f) You have thirty minutes left to decorate your house for your best friend's surprise birthday party. Other friends have started decorating, but they keep asking you what to do.

This would be an autocratic situation. Everyone is asking you what to do but there is limited time. Your group members obviously aren’t well experienced with this kind of situation so they need you. You also need to restrict new idea as time is running out.
Part B: Social Scenario

a) You and your friends are students at university. You have decided to organize a protest calling for the release of prisoners of conscience, arrested the year before for criticizing the government’s policies. During the peaceful public protest the government sends in the army with tanks to break up the demonstration and arrest your group.

This is authoritarianism because this situation goes against freedom of individuals.

b) People are complaining about a river that has begun to swell in size. They circulate a petition demanding that the government build a barrier wall.

This is a democratic situation because the people are the government, so they all have