Kidnapped: Korean Horror and Voice Mr Whan Essay

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Miss Millock came back home after a hard day at work. She went into the kitchen looking for something to eat as she was hungry. Mr Whan, the house chef was not in the kitchen, Miss Millock, as hungry as she was; she searched the entire house for Mr Whan, He was nowhere to be found. Miss Millock wondered just what had happened to Mr Whan, he was always in the kitchen cooking something or on balcony reading a book. Miss Millock, instead of cooking, she just heat up the leftovers from the night before. While the food was heating up her home phone rang, she went over a picked up the phone, it was a man, and he had a deep voice and he didn’t sound friendly either. The man spoke and said “I have your friend“, and hanged up.
Miss Millock at this point started to worry, thoughts ran through her head, thoughts about what could have happened to Mr Whan then phone rang again, it was the same man who called earlier, he asked if she wanted to see Mr Whan again, he said “If you want to see your friend again drop a bag of money filled with five thousand dollars worth of notes in the garbage bin three streets down”, then he hanged up. Miss Millock was really scared; she didn’t know what to do. She called the police and told them what had happened, they told her to remain calm and that an investigator would arrive at the house shortly.
After Miss Millock had explained everything to the investigator he searched the house for any evidence. The investigator did not find anything useful to the case, he told Miss Millock to ring the police again if the unknown man calls again then he left the house. The phone rang and Miss Millock hesitantly went over to the phone and picked it up, it was the voice of a familiar youngster, James, her favourite nephew. He asked her about his birthday which was in a couple of days, he said “Hi Aunty Beth! Are you coming to my party on Friday?”
They talked for a couple of minutes about what Miss Millock was getting him for his birthday. They exchanged good byes and both hung up the phone, right after she put the phone down, the phone rang again, it was the man with the deep voice. He said “I know you’ve made contact with the police, If you want to see your friend again you will not talk to the police again and you will do as I say”, Miss Millock said nothing. The man spoke again and said “I’m still waiting for the five thousand dollars; if you don’t deliver in the next 48 hours I’m going to hurt your friend”, then he hanged up. It was a little past midnight and after having a shower Miss Millock went to bed.
It was around three in the morning when Miss Millock was awoken suddenly by the sound of the telephone ringing, she was too tired to get out of bed so she ignored it. The phone rang again, she ignored it again. The phone after that kept on ringing and ringing. Miss Millock got annoyed so she got out of bed and picked up the phone. To Miss Millock’s surprise it was Mr Whan, there was fear and panic in his voice, in his quietest voice Mr Whan repeatedly said “Help me help me!”, after Mr Whan had whispered his cries for help she heard Mr Whan drop the phone, scream and then started running, the strange man with the deep voice had