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What impacts has immigration had on Australia?

Produced by Ryebuck Media for the National Museum of Australia

Exploring the story of immigration in the
National Museum of Australia’s
Horizons Gallery

What impacts has immigration had on Australia?
The National Museum of Australia and the Horizons Gallery
Written by
Robert Lewis
Tim Gurry
David Arnold

Hot-air cabinet used in experiments at the
Australian Institute of
Tropical Medicine in
Townsville in use 1919.
National Museum of

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Portrait of Lê Thành Nhón, about 1990 by Reimund
Zunde. National Museum of Australia.
Lê Thành Nhón’s Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways
Board Uniform (raincoat and belt) in use 1970s on loan from Lê Thành Nhón

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Vincenzo Dublé’s identification photograph date unknown. Donated by
Vincenza Dublé. National
Museum of Australia.
1. Dentist tools 1920s
2. Syringe 1920s. Donated by Vincenza Dublé. National
Museum of Australia.

Museum of Australia
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(02) 6208 5198 and

Vin’s Place, Coburg 1937.
Donated by Vincenza Dublé,
National Museum of

Cappelluti document 1962.
Donated by Rosa Cappelluti.
National Museum of

Grave marker from Torrens
Island Quarantine Station,
Adelaide 1919. National
Museum of Australia.
Metal canister used for fumigating mail sent to and from the Torrens Island
Quarantine Station, Adelaide
1950s–1960s. National
Museum of Australia.
Rifle date unknown. National
Museum of Australia.

1. Australian passport 1934;
2. Australian passport 1936
3. Australian passport about
1950; 4. Australian passport about 1952; 5. Australian passport about 1969.
National Museum of

Wangkangurru men wearing charpoo headdress 1920s.
By G Aiston. From Savage
Life in Central Australia,
1924. National Library of

Wheel from the restored
Hong Hai 1970s. National
Museum of Australia.
Binoculars about 1975.
National Museum of

Dictation test passage 1936.
Produced by the
Commonwealth Government of Australia. National
Archives of Australia.

Wangkangurru rabbit-fur headdress 1920s. From
Lake Eyre region, north-east
South Australia. Donated by George Horne. National
Museum of Australia.

Snake story from
Karrinyarra 1978. By Old
Mick Tjakamarra. From
Papunya, Central Australia.
Donated by R G Kimber.
National Museum of

Replica of the shrine to Ba
Cau that stood on the Hong
Hai 2000. National Museum of Australia.
Blouse and pants about
1978. Australian National
Maritime Museum.
Cloth badges and stickers
1980s. Donated by the
St George Budapest Soccer
Club. National Museum of

Juanita. Sanctuary AV
Display 2001. TVU
Self-published poster 1908.
By William Rodier. Donated by A Reeves. National
Museum of Australia.

Arrival of Barbara Porritt, the millionth migrant 1955.
Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs.

‘All Eyes on Australia’ from
Millions Magazine, 1921.
National Library of Australia.

2. Manual hair clippers
1920s–1940s; 3. Grooming brush 1920s–1940s;
4. Scissors 1920s–1940s.
Donated by Vincenza Dublé.
National Museum of

Prime Minister Ben Chifley and Minister for
Immigration Arthur Calwell greet a party of British builders in Sydney January
1947. Department of
Immigration and
Multicultural Affairs.

Section of the No. 1 rabbitproof fence, Meekatharra,
Western Australia
1902–1908. Donated by
Kevin Marney. National
Museum of Australia.

Juozas Stepanas’ rabbit-fur felt hat 1949. Made by
Roleigh Hats. Donated by
Tony Stepanas. National