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Individual differences are important

• Why do we learn other interventions ? Some things work and some things don’t.

• Neuropsychological process is important to reading skills development in working memory – it is a crucial process for early reading recognition and later reading comprehension. One must assess if one is to develop the most appropriate method of intervention.

• What are the dangers of not paying attention to individual differences ?
--- we will repeat the current practice.

Start here (Lecture)
• Francis Galton –set up a lab. (Chapt 7 in IQ testing book)
• Sir Wilhelm Wundt- psychological responses
• Emel Kreplin –

Historical Survey of Theories of Intelligence

• IN the Beginning o 1st science purporting to be a true sciene of mid that could measure mental qualities and fuctions called cranioscopy introduce at the beginning of the 19th century by franz joseph gall and later rename phrenology. ( Reading the Bumps on your mind) *****
• Herbert spencer o Coined the phrase surviol of the fittest
• Jean Esquirol o Made distions btw idots and mentally derange persons o Befan testing feebie minded as well as demented
• Sir Francis Galton o Pioneer in the use of test batteries and questionaires for data collection, the coept of control groups in research, and staticial methods o Anthopometry: measurement of man o Believed that people take in inoframtion through their important areas of human function to measure o Published Herediatary Genious in which he offered a statistical explanation for inherited mental charateriscis. o Galton was one of the first to want to measure intelligence. *** o set up a psychometric laboratory o Theory led him to develop tests of sensory discrimination and motor coordination to study mental functioning. o Charles E. Spearman – famous for discovering general intellectual facto which was called “ g”
• Karl Pearson o **** o • History o Debatable whether efforts to develop a working intelligence test ever became a “scientific race” o after spearman described his statistical method for quantifying “g” completion btw research groups, may become more pronounced b/c a more focused end goal had been specified “ a test of general intelligence rather than random tests of associated mental processes” o • James Mckeen Cattell o Refocused psychological research away from experimenters self