How Houston Is Affected By 5 Themes Of Geography Essay

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Andrew Minh Khang Nguyen How Houston Is Affected By 5 Themes Of Geography
Houston is affected greatly, influenced by, and is shaped by the 5 crucial themes of geography. Not only that, Houston thrives by and grows by the major themes of geography. All the important themes of geography; Location, Places, Human/Environment Interactions, Movement, and Regions, effect and make Houston as a city of it is today. It is because of these themes that make Houston one of the most positive locations to live in.

Where is Houston, Texas exactly, or its absolute location? It is at 29.7628 degrees North, 95.3831

Fishing industries and seafood, the more specific types of food, are also a major part of Houston’s economy. Another major part of Houston’s movement are family-run businesses, or businesses that people own by themselves.

Evangelical Protestant : 64.4%,Mainline Protestant : 8.1%,Orthodox : 0.1%,Roman Catholic : 21%,Hindu, Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. : 2%,Unclaimed : 4.5%, or people that don’t follow any religion. Most of Houston is Christian, and/or are and can be divided into the major Christianity branches of religion. Houston is divided into several regions, mainly of how it is in that region: Downtown Houston, South Side, Southwest, Northside, Energy Corridor, Midtown, and Uptown. Downtown Houston is the business district, and is the largest of Houston. Southside Place functions as a bedroom community for middle and upper-middle-class families. Many low-income apartment complexes are located in Southwest Houston. Northside basically manages all the other districts of Houston. Energy Corridor offers some of the most desirable residential and commercial addresses in the greater Houston area. Midtown is where the older living spaces of people, like old houses and apartments, are and packed. Uptown is a satellite central business district and a center for premier shopping centers.

The 5 themes of geography certainly leave a positive impact, mostly, on Houston. Location shows that it is a comfortable place