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Act 1 Scene 1 * Barnardo, Francisco, Horatio, Marcellus, Ghost * Barnardo relieves Francisco; enters horatio and Marcellus * Guards talking about the ghost; ghost enters looks like the dea king; the ghost appears at the same time everynight * Marcellus notices the people of Denmark are preparing for war * Old hamlet fought and killed Old fortinbras * Denmark is preparing for war if fortinbra attacks to take back their land * Made a reference to when Julius cesar died and how the order of things was affected(everything went crazy); Horatio made reference due to the kings death * Elizabethians believed evil comes out at night
Act 1 Scene 2 * King is dead; acknowledges grief/sadness * There is a marriage; Claudius(kings brother) Gertrude(Kings wife) * Fortinbras gives no sympathy; realizes they are a threat * Fortinbras uncle is bed ridden without power (old fortinbras is dead) * Claudius sends a letter to uncle fortinbra to aware him of his nephew’s actions; Cornelius and voltemand deliver the letter * Hamlet ask permission from powerful people to gain respect as a new king ( so they stand by him) * Hamlet insults his mother for taking grief for his fathers death; Claudius(new king) ‘sweet’ talks Hamlet (then becomes critical) because he wants him to stay instead of leave for school * King tries to take over the father role for Hamlet * Hamlet’s speech page 12 line 130-155 * Hamlet feels his mother betrayed his father; he feels disgust; becomes suspicious (cheating, was she true to his father?) * Old Hamlet (dead king) referred to as the SUN made the kingdom grow (like sun does for plants etc.) * Page 12 “O that this too too sullied flesh would melt” *soliloquy * Hamlet is going to the platform where the ghost was; he assumes of foul play; feels something isn’t right
Act 1 Scene 3 * Laertes is leaving back to school; talks to Ophelia about her relationship with Hamlet(giving her advice) * Hamlet has to marry royalty, Laertes warns her that it might not be her * Cautions her about loosing her virginity (would cause her to become less desirable)(Hamlet saying what he does to get sex etc,) * Ophelia tells her brother to ‘behave’ as well * Polonius(Laertes&Ophelia’s father) gives a speech to his son when Laertes is leaving for school (advice) * Give thy thoughts no tounge(keep thoughts to yourself) * Be friendly, but not too friendly * Keep true friends close * Be strong in a fight * Listen to everyones ideas, keep yours to yourself * Dress well but not in poor taste * Don’t lend of borrow $; loose a friend, be in debt etc * Be true to your own morals; be true to yourself * Relationships, helping others etc, weren’t in the speech (selfish; protecting himself?) * Polonius argues with Ophelia about Hamlet, believes he is ‘playing’ her * Hes does not want her with him/ demands she doesn’t see him
Act 1 Scene 4 * King is drinking * Hamlet talks about how the king’s actions aren’t doing any good; misrepresenting who they are * Hamlet does NOT like Claudius * Hamlet asks the ghost why he is here; the ghost wants hamlet to follow him * Guards try to convince him not to go * Hamlet still follows
Act 1 Scene 5 * The