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3-6-13 Hamlet Test

In Hamlet Hamlet talks to Polonius and others while acting “crazy” to try and get the reader to understand that Hamlet is not insane but acts like it because he is hurt and that everyone has moved on too fast about his father dying. In todays society when someone in our life has passed away life goes on and we don’t stand still and mourn for life. Hamlet feels since his father passes away people should have had a big funeral and mourned a lot longer for him, especially his mother.

Ever since King Hamlet has died young Hamlet has been in a state of madness. In a conversation between Hamlet and Polonius, Hamlet questions Polonius by asking “have you a daughter?” In this discussion Hamlet mocks Polonius when before he would show him respect since he is in higher demand. The question Hamlet asked Polonius has caused Polonius to come up with the conclusion that Hamlet has gone mad and now wants to share it with Claudius. Since Hamlet has succeeded in convincing Polonius that he is mad he hopes that he would share it with everyone else. Just like he has done with Ophelia. Ophelia is scared to death of Hamlet that she goes to her father saying “O my lord, my lord I have been so affrighted.” Polonius orders Ophelia to break off all contact with Hamlet when she has already been trying too but he Hamlet is persistent and sends her letters. He is trying to prove to Ophelia that he is insane he is using her as a tool so that she will go and get the word out that he Hamlet has gone mad. Hamlet knows what he is doing he is acting insane but is trying to make others believe that he is in fact insane.

Hamlet is an educated man you can make that assumption by seeing the class he was born in. With him being educated you can make the assumption that with everything he is saying to one person may come out as crazy talk but to the person himself it makes perfect sense. Like when Hamlet talks to Claudius he says “Not so my lord for I am too much in the sun” which is a sarcastic remark from Hamlet that has a hidden meaning which is “sun” he is making a statement that he is feeling pressured by his uncle which just became the new King to be able to accept him as he would his real father. In another scene Polonius starts to talk to Hamlet by saying “Do you know me my lord” Hamlet replies “Excellent well you are a fishmonger” as a person watching the play you see this as Hamlet acting crazy by him not knowing who Polonius is but if you research the definition of a “fishmonger” you see that it means being dishonest. People always wonder if he is acting crazy or is he truly insane. In those scenes you can tell that Hamlet knows exactly what he is doing and that he has a whole plan to try and get Claudius to show his guiltiness.

Hamlet is acting insane just to be able to get what he