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Manager –
Emilie McGill

A greenhouse manager is responsible for the financial, physical and directional aspects of a greenhouse. They supervise, instruct and teach the greenhouse staff. They are the head staff in the greenhouse department. The greenhouse industry that I am interested in is floral. I’d like to pursue a career with floral greenhouses. Secondary School- It would be beneficial for the student to take classes regarding green industries or even a basic science. This job requires heaps of knowledge in
English reading, writing and typing.
Therefore if your high school provides extra courses like these ones you would be better off to take them and that would help you in the future with being accepted into a College or
University. Not only that but as the manager you are also in charge of finances, which means having a strong comprehension of mathematics and possibly accounting could increase your capability in the future when you must do the greenhouses finances.

College- Niagara College
Greenhouse Technician
Ontario Secondary School
Diploma (OSSD), or equivalent, including the following required courses:  English - any Grade 12 (C) or
(U), or equivalent
Recommended Courses and/or
Recommended Skills (Not
Required for Admission):
 Biology - Grade 11 (C) or (U) or Grade 12 (U)
 Chemistry - Grade 11 (U) or
Grade 12 (C) or (U)
 Mathematics - any Grade 12
(C) or (U)

This is a timeline of how I would like to pursue this career, it also includes where I’d like to eventually have a career (the city) the name of my school & my college of choice. It also includes the potential classes I’d like to take in order to achieve this goal.

Secondary School
Twin Lakes Secondary

Niagara College

Floral Greenhouse

After graduating from secondary school I would hope to receive entry into the Greenhouse Technician program at Niagara College.
This program lasts 2 academic years (8 months each) and is situated in Niagara. After taking this course and becoming familiar with what it takes to work in the greenhouse industry I’d hope to eventually throughout my career make my way up into a management position. But because you must start at the bottom and work your way up in roles I would probably do the Greenhouse Technician program for a few years before applying for a management role.

After receiving a diploma in the Greenhouse
Technician’s (Co-op) Program there are many different pathways I can then pursue.
Opportunities for graduates include:
• Greenhouse management
• Greenhouse crop production
• Nursery management
• IPM specialist
• Technical sales
• Garden centres
• Horticultural research
• Horticultural journalism
So taking this course can lead me to an eventual management position; which is what I am striving for. This career involves a lot of desk work when dealing with customers, employees, distributers and even when doing to finances or orders.
Therefore there is not much
PPE required. I would believe that the appropriate attire to wear when doing the hands on work would include :
Safety Mask: When you are in the presence of chemicals
(pesticides etc.) it is important that you protect yourself from these things so that you don’t become ill.
Proper Footwear: Wearing the appropriate and practical footwear is essential if you’re working out in the greenhouse. (e.g: high heels may be practical for business meetings but not for greenhouses) If you are in the presence of pesticides or any chemicals you should protect your body by wearing long pants, long sleeve top, mask, hat, gloves to make sure you cover your whole body.

The equipment required varies on where you are planning to work. A lot of the management is at a desk or in meetings but when you are out in the greenhouses there is some equipment that will make your life