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Should college football players get paid?
Chima umunna
Mrs. Ruth
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Being a collage football player sounds and is exciting. You’re getting closer and closer to the pros. Yes, it's up for debate yet again. Should college football players be paid? It's been brought up time and time again. The majority of coaches think it's a great idea, but the NCAA still prevents every time. So, with boosters running widespread and a renowned university about to come back, the issue is no longer a question. Pay the athletes now. Student athletes do not have time to get a job, also even though they are compensated with an expensive education they are also putting their personal safety on the line, and also you don't have to pay them a lot of money. Minimum wage would suffice. When I was in middle school I had made my midlle school team. Before I was on the team I was a great student in my acedemics, but as the season started I began to notice that I was slacking in my school work. Then I noticed it was because I was trying so hard to balance out my school work and the sports that I started to not do well. Now as a student in middle school if it is hard to do a sport and keep up with your work? Than how is it for a collage football player that has to think about his food, education, job, and of course sports? Most college football players struggle and most of them even ignore acedemics and only care about football. If they aren't doing something directly involved with their respective sport then they're studying. And, while the offseason is up for debate, they are still training to stay in shape for their return when practice starts again. Even though most college football players have struggled they still are given the opportunity to have their education paid for. Mostly all the football players have a scholarship to play and attend the school for free, but most of them do not take control of the opportunity. That’s why I think the serious football players should get paid for playing, because what is the