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Group 3 project draft copy the number of conflicts and solutions would Be erased its just a draft. Solution 3 still in progress
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American History X Group 3 project
American History X touches on the root of American History problem division among different races and division within ourselves. This film manipulate your mind at least in the beginning into liking this white supremacy group called the skinheads but the deeper you go into the movie you see the confusion of each character. Also see that in a way the things they say truly they do not believe or these where instill into them without them thinking about what they’re doing and the cause that they are following. This American film reaches to conflicts that we face in modern time and each character are going through their own demons or conflicts within their selves, families, and with where they stand in society. This is a film that takes the audience to view this point of view about hard working people are tire of outsiders exploiting their country for free. The conflicts of this movie take root from this in spread into tiny many other conflicts.

Conflict 1. The lies Derek was fed in a early age confused him about the environment he was living in. Derek is a very strong willed and passionate individual, who at a very young age was influenced not only by his father but also his surroundings to be racist against other races that are not white. He was adamant that other races were the cause of everything bad in the world until he went to prison and started to learn what the world was really about. He was conflicted not just with himself but the environment he was living in, especially with his views on everything he was led to believe. He realized the group “the skins” that he so proudly led was put together based upon lies and decided not to seclude himself but instead put instead put aside his differences and beliefs and gain the friendship from others outside of his race. Derek decided to seek help from his past professor Dr. Robert Sweeney who was African American and he gave him books to read during the remainder of his time in prison. He started to realize that he was wrong and decided to get out of his group “the skins” and take his brother Danny with him. Derek stated in confidence to his brother “you can’t go back there that life I’m done with it” (American History X). In prison Derek saw that loyalty was hard to find and the same races he was taught to hate his crew mates were making deals and doing favors for them which also got him thinking differently about his group “the skins”. He started to question what the group was really about and found that they did not really had a definite set of values. Conflict2: In the movie American History X, the writer illustrates how influential Racism and Gang violence divided people from relating to each other. It also showed how racism is pasted down from generation to generation. Derek and Daniel Vineyard were raised in a racist environment, and as a result they both struggled with finding their true identity. When their father was killed by a “black gang” member, their anger escalated to hatred. Racism was the main conflict in the movie, and it showed how the different races such as African Americans and Hispanics were shunned by the Neo- Nazi because of their race and skin color. They hated the fact that other races were becoming successful. “I hate the fact that it’s cool to be black these days, I hate this hip-hop fucking influence in white fucking suburbia and I hate Tabitha Soren and all her Zionist MTV fucking pigs telling us we should get along. Save the rhetorical bullshit Hillary Rodham Clinton, cause it aint gonna fucking happen”. These were the words from Danny who was following in the footstep of his older brother who plays an important role as a member of the neo-Nazi group. Appointed leader of the “Skinheads” by mentor Cameron