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Effects Poaching and War has upon Black African Rhinoceros’s
My research paper is being written about the endangered Black African Rhinoceros. These creatures are being scavenged and killed for food, pleasure, and poaching. The recent Civil Wars in Africa also have plagued this animal. Poverty has driven the poaching need in this region for people that are in desperation for money and forms of payments. Which are few of the major reasons for this species being on the threshold of extinction.Poaching is the biggest reason for the deterioration in the rhinoceros. These magnificent beings are hunted down and killed for the horn on the front of the masculine skull. These horns grow up to 3 inches a year, and have been reported to get up to 5 feet long. These horns are used for a range of uses. In the Middle East they are used to make a symbolic dagger, called the Jambiya. These are given to Muslim boys at age 12 to represent manhood and maturity. These horns are also used in traditional Asian remedies for fever, snakebites, and gout. Though proven untrue some for Eastern Asian countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam still use the horn in remedies to heal their sick.

Studies have shown that in the year of 2013 we are now at a range and population of black African rhinoceros left at 2,000. Saying that at the rate of poaching is conservationists’ worst fear would come true and we as humans, for a second time will be wiping out and cause the Black African Rhinoceros to become extinct. An animal that has been her several millenniums before us will soon be gone. Within the first 7 months of 2013, 536 rhinos have been killed or poached. They have tightened security to protect