Education: Education and Strengthen Ones Character Essay

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Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful thing that can be used to change the world. That is unquestionably true, for a proper education can tear apart dogma and ignorance , strengthen ones character and lead to a good and respectable life. Therefore, measures should be taken in order to render it to each and every individual. And I think introducing online learning in-and-out of schools will be the answer to all the problems.

The main barricades to one’s education are inept teachers, the colossal cost of the education, and the lack of awareness of the boons of education.

In learning online--unlike the current education system which runs by ‘one size fits all’ philosophy-- you can watch videos at any time; repeat as many time as you want without the fear of embarrassment; work at your own pace without being forced to move in a cohort, and the most important thing is, a person who is adept in an area of study can make a video which can be used by millions of students all over the world—we know how hard it is to find a teacher who is really enthusiastic about what he/she is teaching. This way, students will have the opportunity to close all the loop holes in their preparation, which gives them confidence, and interest to learn new things, and pursue learning to a higher state.

The above statements are really evident from the success of educational organizations like ‘Khan Academy’, ‘Coursera’, and ‘Edx’, which produce content on various subjects and put it on the web for everyone else to advantage of.

Secondly , we tackle the problem of huge costs--the reason why many do not even think of going to a university , and for most of the dropouts every year. Since, the content can be anyone on the