Does Global Warming Exist?

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Does Global Warming Exist?

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Does Global Warming Exist?
Global warming is the increase in the earth’s temperatures as a result of human activities such as the burning of conventional fossil fuels, factory emissions, agricultural processes and greenhouse gas emissions. The human activities cause too much carbon dioxide to be emitted into the earth’s atmosphere resulting in global warming. The global warming processes involves the sun light waves entering and heating up the earth atmosphere and then are reflected back as infrared waves into the atmosphere. These infrared waves are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere together with carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases altering the earth’s temperature from normal conditions to extreme temperatures which are disastrous for human survival. Global warming has become a major social and scientific concern during the past decade. The facts about the existence of global warming are everywhere worldwide. The most crucial proof of climate change is of the melting of all the glaciers all over the earth at a rapid pace which some scientists predict would be catastrophic and cause real trouble by drowning cretin countries partially (Haugen, Musser & Lovelace, 2010). Another example is the spread of diseases such as dengue and yellow fever in certain areas that had lain dormant for a long time but have resurfaced due to the rising earth temperatures. Also, with the rising earth temperatures, mosquitoes and other insects will move further north and south causing malaria and other diseases in those areas. People will also die of heat stroke every year as a result of global warming. There is also evidence of seas rising and people living in islands near the sea being forced to evacuate their homes. The Arctic sea which is icy is expected to become water if climate changes continue. Finally, the coral reefs in the Caribbean