Differences Between Hamlet's Mental/Emotional Conflicts and Beowulf's Physical Battles Essay

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Differences between Hamlet's mental/emotional conflicts and Beowulf's physical battles

Beowulf is an epic poem from an unknown author. The main point and theme of Beowulf is about heroism of a warrior with courage who becomes an epic hero; not only by his strength in the battles but also by his social obligations. In Williams Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, Hamlet’s mental and emotional conflict is based on a tragedy of revenge. It is the differences of Beowulf and Hamlet, that also make it the same.

The epic poem Beowulf tells the story of a Geatland warrior; from young to old, in Anglo-Saxon times. Beowulf travels overseas to the ruler of the Danes, King Hrothgar, to sacrifice his own life to help this land fight off a demon named

Hamlet confronts his mother and Polonius is hiding behind a curtain listening to Hamlet and when Hamlet thinks it might be Claudius behind the curtain, and stabs through the curtain killing Polonius. Polonius’ son, Laertes returns to Denmark from France and Claudius convinces him that Hamlet is to blame for his father’s and sister’s, Ophelia, deaths. Claudius and Laertes scheme a plan of friendly fencing but Claudius will poison Laertes blade and poison a goblet as a backup plan.
When the fighting begins, Hamlet stabs Laertes and declines to drink from the goblet. Instead, Gertrude drinks from the goblet and before she dies, she declares she has been poisoned. Laertes reveals to Hamlet that Claudius is to blame for the Queen’s death and cuts Hamlet with his sword. Hamlet takes Laertes sword and strikes Laertes and Claudius with the poisoned sword. The entire royal family is dead.
Hamlet had revealed to his friend, Horatio about the ghost and the truth of his father’s murder. Horatio fulfills his request and tells Hamlet’s tragic story that caused the mental and emotional conflicts to acknowledge his duties that caused him to seek revenge that caused this tragedy. Hamlet was then carried away as a fallen soldier.

The differences in Beowulf and Hamlet is one is about revenge and the mental and emotional state Hamlet encountered that Beowulf did not. Beowulf began as heroic warrior and died a heroic warrior. Hamlet was thought to be insane but in the end,