Essay about Dance: Dance and Respectable Career Choices

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With the sound of music, a sudden rush of energy refills me, my body begins to move, a big smile appears listening to the beats to which I so desperately want to get up and dance for. No matter where I am or who is watching me, my mind simply refuses to care. It is as if I am sinking into another flawless world. From my earliest memories till now I am desperately in love with dance. I had never known the real answer to the often asked question of what I want to become. It is quite silly, considering I too often hear myself thinking “I was born to dance”. Raised in a community that merely visions doctor, lawyer and engineer as respectable career choices for their child, it is only when I questioned my own vision I suddenly realized my neglect. To become a professional dancer had been my ultimate dream all along and this is why I have applied for Dance at higher studies today.
Growing up I was introduced to the diversity of dance by friends. Each and every style, from Western dance to Indian folk, enthralled me. Being a natural in all the styles it would have only made sense for me to have gone for professional training. Unfortunately, the culture was far from the one I came home to. As a daughter and the first born in the family I was expected to live up to our cultural standard in which we put our family pride and preferences before our own.
Having sampled the two courses at different universities, it entertains me to recollect that my priorities had seemed the same. Upon arrival, the first thing I did after enrolling was enquiring the student union for any dance clubs, with hope to