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EDUC 2120: Exploring Socio-cultural Perspectives on Diversity
Mrs. Sheila Thomas
Annotated Bibliography
Khan, R. & Blackall, S. (2010). Big Red Lollipop. New York: Viking
This book shows that regardless of culture, siblings can often be difficult. In the story, Rubina is invited to her very first birthday part. When she asks her mom if she can go, her mom is unsure of how to answer as she has never heard of such a thing-celebrating one's birthday. Rubina mother assist she takes her little sister to the party with her.
This book was ok but I didn’t like the fact that the mother made Rubina takes her little sister to the party with her. I guess that’s their culture to have the sibling go along with each to different event.
This can be used in classrooms because it teaches kids about sharing and not being all about themselves. It also show them how to have respect for other people things that it’s not nice to take someone else things without their permission.

Mora, P., & López, R. (2009). Book fiesta!: celebrate Children's Day/book day = Celebremos el día de los niños/el día de los libros. New York, NY: Rayo.

This book can be used as an excellent resource to encourage and motivate children to read books. Though the book is multicultural in its story line, it is written in both Spanish and English, making it a bilingual read. Helps a student celebrate El dia de los ninos/El dia de los libros and encourages communities and schools to get involved in the celebration. Students could read a variety of books from different cultures as well as explore culturally different music, food and entertainment. I like the book because it’s really good for kids to know different language it’s a good book for them to learn it.

Jules, J., & Mitter, K. (2009). Duck for Turkey Day. Morton Grove, Ill.: Albert Whitman. This book follows a young Vietnamese girl who is trouble by the fact that her family has duck for Thanksgiving instead of turkey like the rest of her friends. To her surprise, Tuyet enjoys her yummy Thanksgiving dinner anyhow -- and an even bigger surprise is waiting for her at school on Monday. Dinners from roast beef to lamb to enchiladas adorned the Thanksgiving tables of her classmates, but the celebrations all had something in common family. I like this book because it teaches about different cultures and the belief that they ones have. No matter how your family celebrates, this is a book that can help young readers see what the holiday is really about. It can also act to support a child whose background may be different from how they perceive mainstream US culture. The book can be used in a classroom because it they tell the true meaning of Thanksgiving holiday. It’s really about family not what you are eating because everybody family celebrate holidays different.

Tarpley, N., & Lewis, E. B. (1997). I love my hair!. Boston: Little, Brown. This whimsical, evocative story about a girl named Keyana encourages African-American children to feel good about their special hair and be proud of their heritage. Also this because is about a little girl being happy about the different ways she can wear her hair. I like this book because it show the confident of the little girl and how she feels about her hair in any style that her mother put it in for her. The book teaches kids about the different texture hair can be and kids can learn not to pick at the way other kids wear their hair.