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Country of choice: Algeria

1. Executive Summary

This cultural analysis report was commissioned to examine how can Algeria’s cultural background and analysis affect the Internal marketing sector. This report draw attention to how certain cultural aspects of a country can affect the way to market a product. This report reveals that Algeria is the biggest country in the African continent. It is reported that the family institution in Algeria is getting smaller especially after the 1990’s but it is still common for some women in Algeria to have around seven to nine children. The parents usually set up marriages in Algeria and men decide most of the important decisions in a family. Primary education is mandatory and free starting from children at the age of 6 years old. At secondary level, students can choose between 3 streams, namely general, specialized and technical / vocational. Those who excel can continue their studies to the higher education level. The literacy rate stands at 69.9% of the total population. Algeria is a Republic with Islam as its state religion. Algeria has more than 40 political parties with National Liberation Front party being the most famous. The legal system in Algeria is based on French and Islamic law. Majority of Algerians are poor. Those who are better are almost always Arabs who stays in the urban areas. 99%of the population are Arab-Berbers while the remaining are Europeans constitute. The Algerian music and dance usually follows the Arabic tradition that is tied to a story telling tradition. Couscous is Algeria’s national dish. Soccer is the most popular and most played type of sport in Algeria. The World Health Organisation reported that Algeria in 2002 is in need of physicians, nurses and doctors. Doctors in Algeria are usually located in the northern part of the country. The report also investigates that there are a few limitation in this analysis. Some of the points are not available for research such as the malnutrition rates and also information on any powerful or influential cults.

2. Introduction

Oxford Dictionaries defines culture as the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society. Culture contains many different aspects and elements that have been passed down for generations. Elements such as experiences, values, beliefs, religion, arts, ideas, morals and attitudes are a few of the examples that can be related to culture. It is actually easy to find out about the visible side of culture. One can pick up and understand the local culture by listening or experiencing it by hand. The invisible side of culture is the one that usually is hard to understand and in most cases, multinational marketing companies get it wrong. The rise of multinational firms in the last few decades has been an eye catcher in the business world. These firms are well known to be the market player with its strong financial strength. Examples of the giants in multinational firms are Microsoft and Coca-Cola. In order for a multinational firm to be successful in its overseas ventures, it needs to study and understand the importance of culture. It also needs to understand how culture can play a big role in their potential customer’s daily life. Failure to fully master this important aspect will only bring more harm to the company. A successful marketing plan at country A might not be successful when implemented in country B. For example, Xbox lost most of its Muslim customers back in 2003 due to the controversy surrounding one of its console games. Kakuto Choiin: Back Alley Brutal, developed by Dream publishing and published by Microsoft Game Studios contained verses of the Qur’an in the background of the game. Qur’an is the holy book of Islam; same way as how Bible is the holy book for Christians. The outraged Muslim