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We always think that for a happy marriage, the two people must share many similarities. My parents have been married for thirty-five years and for most part have had a very happy marriage. However, people tend to wonder how they can hardly have a quarrel for they are two very different people. Their differences in physical appearance, view towards life, as well as personalities are so obvious that even a stranger can see it.
My mother and father are both Nigerian. But, their facial bone structure, body size and skin color contrast each other. My father has a strong facial bone structure of an African man in which he has big, eyes with thick eyebrows. His nose is small and rounded compared to West African characters. Different from average Africans, his skin is fair and slightly gold in color. As for his body size, father has height of 5’4 which is below the average height of a normal man. Also, he is very thin and has skinny limbs.
My mother is quite different from my dad. She has an eccentric face with small eyes below her sparse eyebrows. She has low bridge of the nose and quite long. My mother is fatter than my father. She is 60kg in weigh and 5’3 tall which still short compared to an African American woman. Different from my father, my mother has brown and dark skin like the color of milk chocolate. Her limbs are slightly too long and strong for a woman as a result of hard work in Nigeria during her youth.
Besides physical appearance, they have very different views towards life. My father is a businessman. For him, one should not enjoy his life. In his point of view, Working and earning money is the main purpose of living rather than enjoyment. Consequently, it always takes us a lot of effort to persuade him to take a trip to any places with our family during the holiday, even during summer vacation, the longest vacation. Also, he does not think that one should depend on God in his life. Therefore, religion is not as important for him as the success and failures in his life are of the consequences of his actions rather than God's blessings and punishments.
My mother, on the other hand, has a view that one should enjoy his life at the same time he works. For her, earning money is an endless process and money is earned to and spent. It is silly to earn a lot of money and store it in the bank without spending it forever. Furthermore, she thinks that spending money is a reward for herself after her hard work. Apart from that, mother always relies on God. In her point of view, God is the controller of our lives. Everything that happens in our lives is of fate and destiny that have planned by God. For this reason, religion is very important in her life.
Lastly, my parents have contrary personalities. My father is a dull man. He is neither romantic nor interesting at all. He never remembers and celebrates our birthday. In fact, he never gives