Christmas Tree and Visit Niagara Falls Essay

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My Bucket List 1) Have a song dedicated to me 2) Eat and not feel guilty 3) Get an infinity tattoo on my wrist or the back of my neck 4) Kiss under a rainbow 5) Kiss someone at midnight on New Years Eve 6) Kiss someone at the top of the Eiffel Tower 7) Have a huge mud fight 8) Have a huge water fight 9) Have a food fight 10) Have a paint fight 11) Have the perfect wedding 12) Have the perfect Valentines Day 13) Learn how to play the guitar 14) Have a “usual” somewhere 15) Try pasta in Italy 16) Slow dance in the rain 17) Receive a dozen red roses 18) Go to Disneyland with my best friends 19) Stand on top of a mountain 20) Autograph something 21) Make up a recipe 22) Learn how to make ice-cream 23) Order tons of food from room service 24) Eat at all the best pizza joints in New York 25) Get chocolate wasted 26) Go on a beach date 27) Write something in cement 28) Spend an entire day watching Disney movies 29) Gamble in Vegas 30) Have a birthday party in Vegas 31) Own a pair of Louboutins 32) Visit the beach every day for a week 33) Spend New Years in Times Square 34) Visit every major U.S landmark 35) Dance under the stars 36) Lay on my back and watch the clouds all day 37) Buy all the gumballs out of the machine 38) Shake a soliders hand 39) Visit Niagara Falls 40) Learn how to play poker 41) Have my own personal library in my house 42) Try every flavour of cake 43) Work for Disney 44) Visit Ireland 45) Be the maid of honour at a wedding 46) Swim in a fountain 47) Watch fireworks whilst swimming in the ocean 48) Ride on a motorcycle 49) Spend Christmas at Disneyland 50) Go to New York Fashion Week 51) Work for a suicide hotline 52) Watch the sunrise at the beach 53) Watch a sunset at the beach 54) Experience New Years Eve in Paris 55) Attend a pool party 56) Go to Times Square 57) Visit a walk through aquarium 58) Have my own star 59) Shoot a gun 60) Visit the Louvre 61) Kiss under the mistletoe 62) Drive down Route 66 63) Visit the Walk of Fame 64) See a shooting star 65) See a meteor shower 66) Visit the pyramids in Egypt 67) Kiss a stranger 68) Let go of 100 balloons at the one time 69) Be part of a flash mob 70) Send a message in a bottle 71) Visit Ground Zero 72) See the Northern Lights 73) Attend a masquerade ball 74) Visit all 50 U.S states 75) Go on a road trip 76) Donate blood 77) Sleep under the stars 78) Kiss in the rain 79) Jump of a waterfall 80) Watch the Ball drop live in Times Square 81) Smash a pie in someones face 82) Go to a Lakers game 83) Spend Valetines Day in Paris 84) Crash a wedding 85) Let go of a Chinese lantern 86) Visit the National Museum of History 87) Have a cocktail named after me 88) Go to a drive-in movie 89) Have a walk in wardrobe 90) Come up with my own drinking game 91) Lay in the road in the middle of night 92) Have a water gun fight 93) Throw a drink in someones face 94) Be able to tie a cherry stem with my tongue 95) Have someone throw me a surprise party 96) Try fried ice-cream 97) Get a small tattoo that means a lot 98) Catch a brides bouquet at a wedding 99) Swing from a chandelier 100) Try every cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory 101) Drink a martini 102) Go on a midnight stroll in Paris 103) Visit a vineyard 104) Smash a guitar 105) Have a closet full of shoes 106) Grow my hair really long 107) Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 108) Name a star 109) Pull a fire alarm 110) Stand with one foot on one side of the equator and the other foot on the other side 111) Sleep under the Christmas tree 112) Grow my own Christmas tree 113) Be