Creative Writing: The Fifth Day

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Chapter 14 - The Fifth Day
Amelia sagged in the deserts heat. She had been chained to a boulder for the entire week. Her defiance had ceased. She no longer argued back, it was a waste of her much needed energy. Sweat coated her forehead and drenched her clothes. On another day if she hadn't been so hot she might have cared that her white blouse was soaked to the skin. Today she was thankful. Today if it weren't for her drenched blouse keeping her cool she might of died from dehydration or heat stroke. The desert was vast, no matter which way she looked there were seas of orange-red sand. The boulder she was tied to the only change in colour for miles but for the sky. The sky was bright blue with no cloud in the sky, she usually associated this weather with nice days at the castle. The boulder was big and grey, it was almost double her height and four times her width. The chain holding her went all the way round to back and was weighted down with another smaller boulder. It may as well of been the same size for the amount she could maneuver. She felt weak, woozy. She had been given the bare minimum to keep her alive and conscious. Her knees felt shakey.
She looked to the horizon looking for any signs that Blake may show up. He would not leave her. She had been surprised that he had not come sooner. She was glad that he hadn't this man - Velui had promised to kill her if he had.
"Looks like your boyfriends not coming" Velui said with an evil grin on his face.
She ignored him. She glanced at her watch, it had just struck three. A light breeze caressed her face, it gently breathed across the plain of the desert. That breeze was heavenly, in the heat she had suffered during the days she had been here it felt exquisite. It was like someone had a cool wet flanel pressed to her face. She revelled in the temporary relief of the heat. It seemed to just cool her entire body.
The desert was desolate and the place where countless people had died. She should be dead, if it hadn't been for Velui needing her she would be. He needed her to put Blake off guard and hesitant.
The wind picked up and began whipping the sands across the ground. Where on earth was he? He would never leave her. He wouldn't!
"Obviously doesn't care does he woman?" rasped Velui "Phaw, you gonna cry?"
She disregarded his teasing, she was in love with the teaser of all teasers this guy was nothing. She continued to search the skies. A sandstorm was beginning to brew. The sand kept blowing onto Velui's clothing but never quite reaching Amelia. He seemed to block it all.
"Stupid sandstorm" he grunted lifting his shoe up. For some reason the sand stuck to his shoe when he tried to shake it off. He bent down in an attempt to brush it off with his hand. Nothing, the sand was stuck their like it had been glued there. Velui began to get frustrated with the sand. He took his shoe off and then the other one. The sand slipped straight off his shoe. Grinning in delight that the accursed sand had finally fallen off his shoe he bent back down to put them back on.
As he leant down the sand seemed to shuffle and shift, suddenly it thrust in the shape of a giant fist carrying Velui in a giant arc into the sky. Velui found his hand trapped in the sand. Higher and higher he went the sand pushing him. He tried yanking it out before a shadow covered the sand pushing him

higher and higher. The shadow came from a tidal wave of sand coming at him from all sides. He began screaming menacingly in panic. It was only then that Amelia became aware of her bonds being broken. She sagged to her knees, she had no energy. She couldn't run, she could barely hold her self up she felt herself swaying on her knees. She began falling forward before a hand caught her. She thought it Velui, and braced herself for another blow. No these hands were more gentle. The hand soothing placed itself on her right cheek, She leaned her head into it. She heard someone speak, though she didn't know who. It