Cancer Treatment Essay

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This paper is designed to educate you about cancer prevention by maintaining a healthy immune system. While this paper is free, the exhibits and books offered are sold at cost for convenience with the understanding that the Author and Publisher is only reporting not rendering or advocating any kind of medical opinions. Only a state licensed physician (MD, DO) graduated from an accredited medical school has this authority. The right to author and publish this paper, no matter how often nutritional cancer therapy is quoted supported by medical opinion, is explicitly guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America, the Supreme Law of the land. This written contract to which the federal government, the 50 States, and their respective agencies are all parties, including all elected and appointed public servants, state and federal, must solemnly swear by administered oath to support, obey and defend. Any person refusing to take the oath or affirmation shall forfeit their office, Pennsylvania Constitution, Article 6, Section 3.

SPECIAL NOTICE One of the main purposes of this paper is to explain how We, the American People, have been deliberately deceived by government officials (namely these, Food and Drug Administration, Health and Human Services Administration) and the Medical

Hierarchy (American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, American Cancer Institute, etc.) who have systematically exploited this deception, to defraud us of our health and our very lives, by denying us Freedom of Choice in cancer therapy. Can any reasonable minded person deny that by replacing the bodies nutritional deficiencies will not return the patient to their original healthy posture, because cancer is a multiple-variable deficiency disease. In contrast, since surgery and/or chemotherapy and/or radiation were never part of a healthy body, how will these invasive therapies cure a sick cancer patient already deficient in numerous nutrients? In most cancer patients these toxic invasive therapies will destroy an already compromised immune system and kill 85% of there patients according to the American Cancer Society.


This paper is dedicated to Philip E. Binzel Jr. M.D., a brilliant physician dedicated to the welfare of his patients in accordance with his hippocratic oath. Dr. Binzel, a gentleman of the highest order had the courage to oppose the political machinations and harassment of