Business Journalism in India Essay

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Pages: 105

Business and Magazine Journalism (combination of Niche I and II)

1 Growing importance of business journalism, a brief history (2)

2 The structure of financial management in the country starting with the Finance Minister, (5) rest of the bureaucracy, RBI governor, Planning Commission, SEBI, Banking sector

3 The Budget preparation and presentation, factors influencing the annual budget, role of (5) subsidies and foreign exchange reserves

4 Companies, balance sheets, AGMs window dressing of balance sheets, the loopholes (the case of Satyam) (5)
5 Stock exchange, Sensex and its ups and downs, need for stricter monitoring, how to (5) cover Stock Exchanges, qualities of a good stock exchange reporter

6 Ethics for

* This explosion is visible in enterprise and the new number of companies that are coming up, and the booming stock market, which has really raced up in the last few months. More personalities to cover, and with the increase in the number of business channels competition is the driving force.

CEOs are huge personalities, and because the base of retail investors in India has expanded so