What Is The Relationship Between Music And The Mind

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Exploring the relationship between music and the mind

What is music; the oxford dictionary defines music as “Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion”. To most people music means a lot more than this.

What counts as two genres actually merging into a sub-genre and what is really just one genres influence on another is uncertain, as is the level of creativity and originality needed to actually create a whole new genre from scratch. However, certain genres, such as rock music, are assuredly distinct from their origins. In some cases, sub-genres and their originality and distinctness are somewhat questionable.
When a certain level of individuality has been reached, especially when new styles diverge from more established forms, expressions like alternative rock and alternative country have been used. Such styles are often simply called "alternative".

One possible origin of music is motherese, the vocal-gestural communication between adults (usually mothers) and infants.
(Dissanayake, E. (2000). Antecedents of the temporal arts in early mother-infant interaction. In The origins of music. pg 389-410)
Motherese is a form of communication that involves melodic, rhythmic and movement patterns as well as the communication of intention and meaning, and in this sense is similar to music. Motherese has two main functions: to strengthen bonding between mother and infant, and to help the infant to acquire language. Both of these functions enhance the infant’s chances of survival and may therefore be subject to natural selection. Our love of music as a species may derive from this Bolbian idea of a early childhood experience.
Another possible explanation is that, music could stem from naturally occurring sounds and