Baskin Robbins Marketing Plan Outline Paper

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Baskin Robbins Marketing Plan Final Outline Paper
Lou Ann San Nicolas
MKT 421 Marketing

1. Baskin Robbins Organizational Overview

Baskin Robbins is a franchise based business operating in 35 countries for the last 65 years. The ice cream shops have more than 1,000 flavors since 1945. Baskin Robbins has more than 150 million consumers worldwide with 2,800 locations nationally and 5,800 stores globally. What began as a small business opportunity has grown into a solid business model for existing and future franchise business owners. Despite, by these two ice cream enthusiasts, whose passion leads to the creation of more than 1,000 ice creams flavors, and with a variety of delicious treats, such as nutty

The quality Baskin Robbins provides is an exceptional, which matched the low price in Baskin Robbins single product line (Baskin & Robbins, 2011).
2) Product line(s)
With a current product line of 62 flavors, a new creative and innovative product will dazzle delight loyal consumers, and will attract a new region of customers, most often to savor the Baskin Robbins experiences. Baskin Robbins has three “Products Line”; the Beverages, Ice Creams and Cakes. The following three products line illustrates of Baskin Robbins ice cream industry (Baskin Robbins, 2005).
Ice Cream: Baskin Robbins has over 1,000 different ice-cream flavors to satisfy the costumer’s wants and meet the “31 flavors” concept. Ice Creams are divided as the following: New Flavors: Berry Nutty Banana is a banana flavored ice cream with ribbons of berry jam with just the right amount of crushed almonds. Permanent Flavors: such as Cherries Jubilee, Vanilla,
Chocolate, Berry Nutty Banana, Strawberry and other fruits flavors. Seasonal Flavors: include Quarterback Crunch, Pumpkin Pie and
German Chocolate Cake. Regional Flavors: such as Orange Sherbet, Berries 'n
Banana (No Sugar Added) Includes; the Black Walnut, the Creole Cream
Cheese, and the Lemon Custard. No Sugar
Added: Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Pineapple Coconut. Low fat: Espresso
'N Cream low fat ice cream.

Beverages: Baskin Robbins offers a