Analysis Of Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Amari Petty
English 4
March 15, 2015

Shakespeare’s Hamlet
In the story of Hamlet, the reader is captured by Hamlet’s love for Ophelia, the death of Ophelia’s father, and the madness going on in Hamlet’s mind. The death of Hamlet’s father took an extreme toll on his behavior mentally. Hamlet‘s obsession with revenge for the death of his father puts a strain on his love interest and relationship with Ophelia and those around him.
Unlike other Shakespeare plays, like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet does not let his desire and love for Ophelia take control over his mind. He does the complete opposite. In the beginning of this story Hamlet pretends to not be in love with Ophelia and also insults her all while pretending to be mad. Hamlet believed that it was easier to be mean and rude to Ophelia than to tell his true feelings, that way he can focus on the revenge for his father. He distances himself from her to complete his goal of revenge. Ophelia is a kind and loving soul, she is gentle but because she does not show how passionate she is about him it makes gives her a little strength. The death of Ophelia made Hamlet realize the true love he had for her. After her death Hamlet had no one else. Although throughout the entire book Hamlet’s only focus was revenge he makes her feel unwanted without really noticing. Because everything happened so suddenly with Ophelia’s death and Polonius’ death Hamlet didn’t want anything more out of life than to seek revenge and to die. Ophelia was there to keep Hamlet grounded and after she died and it basically made Hamlet numb in such a way he was completely done with life. Hamlet honestly didn’t have much to